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Day2 –Three KINGS Church it is in Velsao– famous to be the most haunted place in Goa. Locals believe the three kings who were buried in this church, their soul haunt this place. People believe that you could feel some mysterious presence and someone is always beside you. We went there to find the presence but contrary to this we found one of the most scenic spots in Goa. It is worth climbing the hill and one can get a breathtaking view of surrounding lush green fields and the Sea.Few place around Velsao we could not cover-Velsao beachCansaulim beachWe move towards Majorda beach in Salcete. The roads were all surrounded by blazing green grass fields and by small flamboyant houses painted. The beach was calm and the water was cool. It was SUN SAND SEA and ME under the sky in silent communion. It’s a beautiful feeling when the white-trimmed waves touch your feet. The beach has a new exotic experience to offer - 'eagle feeding'. Once the boat is deep enough in the water, the boatman stops rowing and flings a piece of chicken into the waters. Instantly, the sky is covered in nothing less than a hundred of Eagles. This view is incredible.Your day ends best with the Goan style ‘Masala King Fish’. Goan style food is unbeatable.Advise- Sea food in Goan style is worth trying. Some of the best of them are -Prawn Balchao, Rava Fried Fish, Chicken Xacuti, Chicken Cafreal and the list go on…..