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December - February
Families, Couples
7 out of 28 attractions in Bhuj
Satyajit More
The Aina Mahal is at the northeast corner of Hamirsar lake, easily walkable from most of Bhuj.
The palace was situated nearby the Prag mahal. The palace is really attractive and we can imagine royal life style of king in the past. Most of the interior of palace was made using mirror.
Aaina Mahal : The palace was built in 18th century. It was destroyed in 2001 earthquake. Some of parts are restored and converted in Museum. A museum has vast collection of items, which includes armors, palkhi used by king, Paintings and other royal items.
Among other places to pay visit, Aina Mahal should not be missed out while touring BHUJ!The palace remains closed from 12 to 3pm for lunch. A visiting fee of 30rs is required.The palace from the outside does not represent any kind of grandeur,which efficiently conceals the exquisite beauty that lies inside. Built during Lakhpatji's reign, the master was specially commissioned to design this palace, which owed all its materials to have been developed in the Indian soil.On entry one will be treated with a visual sight of a huge chariot on display, a 14 feet long painting on a single canvas, a weighing machine of those times, among other crafts.Proceeding to the main area or darbar, its magnificence on display! Hanging candle chandeliers, an ivory throne on an elevated platform, a dented space surrounding it which is supposed to be filled with water to keep the place cool. On special occasions, the chandeliers are filled with colored water bringing the darbar alive.
Richa Gandhi
Close by was Aina Mahal, the more famous attraction of Bhuj. In its heyday it sure must’ve been a sight to behold. It was almost entirely adorned with mirrors and glasses of all kinds. But most of it had fallen apart in the quake.