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December - May
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Narayan Sarovar

Nipun Parikh
It was noon now and as we still had the whole half day, we decided to visit'Narayan Sarovar - Koteshwar Temple' which is 135 kms fromMata-no-madh and 215 kms from Bhuj. I must say the entire stretch of the road is really well maintained and one can easily drive around 110 - 120 kms with some caution for the occasional straying of a random dog or cow or goat on the road. It's the last piece of construction on the western side of India and than the Arabian sea starts. We took a chai break, walked around, enjoyed the sea breeze, some pictures and it was time to head back to Bhuj. The evening drive was a wonderful experience with cool breeze, the sight of villagers returning back to their homes after grazing there cattle. We reached Bhuj around 8.30 at night and met this two guys from France & Italy in our guest house who too were traveling in Kutch and the next day like us were visiting The White Desert. A good & long enough convo with them and we called it a day with the excitement to ride next morning to the salt desert.DAY 3 and 4
Narayan Sarovar: It is one of the lake among five sacred lakes. Lord Laxminarayan and other different Hindu God/Goddess temples are situated here. It is very sacred place for Hindu. Food is available here and it is free for everyone.
Narayan Sarovar temple (5 km from Koteshwar)houses innumerable deities but the main shrine is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Mythology says that the holy water of River Saraswati, all the way, reached to fill the lake, thus sacred. The water didn’t look clean, people were taking a dip in the sarovar. You can spot the board reading 'Tropic of cancer while passing through Bhuj - Narayan Sarovar - Koteswar route and dont forget to taste Dabeli of Kutch.
Rajat Jaiswal
At 5 pm evening we took a bus for NARAYAN SAROVAR . we spent whole night in bus and reached there at 8 am. KOTESHWAR is a end point of north western india. that is also a must visit spot. after wandering there . we again took a journey to MANDVI .
Nirbhay Kumar Singh