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Prag Mahal Palace

PRAGMAHAL PALACE: This modern palace of 19th century is famous for it's clock tower. This palace is situated near Hamirsagar lake. Aaina mahal is also situated nearby. The structure of palace is Italian style. Many Bollywood films are shoot here in this palace. Restoration work were done in the palace after an earthquake. Don't miss the clock tower from here you have whole view of Bhuj city.
Palak Checker
Start off your day by reaching Bhuj early morning. Known for its centuries old buildings, Bhuj has numerous sight seeing options. PragMahal, a princely 19th century palace, now converted into a museum gives you an aura of the regal times of the bygone era.The 250 year old Palace of Mirrors or Aaina Mahal located in the corner of Hamirsar Lake is nearly in shambles after the devastating earthquake of 2001. A small part of it has been restored and opened to public.
Satyam Kumar
Parag palace(see the opening and closing time in the picture). There are some charges to get inside the museum and separate charges for Camera.
Richa Gandhi
We started walking towards Aina Mahal. Instead of taking an auto, I always believe its better to walk and take in the street life of any city. We decided to go to Prag Mahal first and the palace was one of its kind. The 2001 Gujarat earthquake severely damaged the palace. Later the palace was burgled with thieves stealing antiques worth millions. Today, the palace is in a ghostly state. The beautiful picturesque stairway leads to the corridor which opens into a large hall with huge broken chandeliers hanging low. There are two rooms along the hall open for visitors which were in decay state. The palace indeed was shaken to the core by the earthquake and here lay the evidence of the catastrophe.
Sreshti Verma
Named after Rao Pragmalji II, the Prag Mahal is a one-of-its-kind palace in India. Designed by Colonel Henry Saint Wilkins in 1865, this palace was made in a hauntingly beautiful Italian-Gothic style. The designer involved many Italian artisans in the construction and architecture, which cost a whopping Rs 3.1 million in 1979.
The Sassy Traveller
This palace is characterized by the Indian gothic style of architecture. However, the earthquake disaster at Bhuj has left this place in ruins. The famous Aina Mahal too lies in the vicinity of this palace. A perfect combination of art and perfection!!
Nirbhay Kumar Singh