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December - February
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Shree Swaminarayan Temple Bhuj

Divisha - The Diadeb
Post the Kutch Museum, we went to Swaminarayan Temple – which is one of the best ornate ones across India (Kutch being the primary home of deity in India) and is about 10 minutes away. The heavily carved white marble definitely brings in solace and awe.
Even if you are not religious or spiritual, still you will love this place.. for its beauty, for its architecture and sparkling clean marble floor! And the below picture just shows the entrance, which is no less grand than the temple itself.
Jeevan and energetic guy from Uttarakhand joind us, I found him via Couch surfing(Must have app for solo travellers).
Adrija Majumder
Aditi Chaudhary
Before dropping you to the airport they show you some local sightseeing in Bhuj. The first point is Swaminarayan Temple. It’s a beautiful temple adorned with marble architecture and sculptures. Ladies are not allowed beyond a point which is sick but most people happily complied with the bias.