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Giant's Causeway

Located in the enchanting Northern Ireland, Causeway Coast Way is low lying coastal walking route and is also a World Heritage Site. This hike is a pleasure for the eyes at every step of the way with unbelievable views of wide bays, beaches, shores and cliffs. The trail links the two towns, Ballycastle and Portstewart which are home to the best tourist spots of the country.
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The Giant’s Causeway is on the northern coast of Northern Ireland. The car trip was beautiful with vast landscapes and beautiful views. I think that instant trips are the best because you do not expect anything from the trip and are awed by all the beauty when it hits you.There are various formations of rocks over there which were formed due to volcanic activity millions of years ago. These rock formations make it a beautiful sunrise/sunset point and it is great to spend an evening here just lying in the sun or taking a walk around. You could walk around with your romantic partner and enjoy the shapes or enjoy the mythology of the place with your children. Children always love mythological stories and adding the stories add a certain fairytale like element to the travel place.There is a myth behind the rock formations of Giant’s Causeway which states that the structures are actually the remains of a causeway built by the Irish giant Fionn . He was challenged to fight the Scottish giant, Benandonner so he built the causeway so that the two giants could meet. As with every legend, there is confusion in the legend and one states that Fionn won, the other version shows Benandonner as the winner. Fionn’s wife tucks him in a cradle disguised as a baby and Benandonner, though a lot bigger thinks that Fionn is bigger looking at the size of the baby. This made the Irish giant win the challenge. This story intrigued me and the idea of there existing giants where I stood long before fascinated me. There is also evidence for the myth as there are similar structures beyond the sea on the Scottland side.Above all, I was intrigued by the beauty of the formations the most. Some of them were stacked up like a chimney one above the other and there were some which reached great heights. The varying heights of the rock formations gave it a magic mystery like feeling. Most of them were hexagonal shaped and were stacked one above the other but there were others which were straight like pillars reaching up to the sky. There were also a few rocks with holes inside and the closeness of the ocean caused them to fill up with water.We took a walk around the causeway and viewed the angry waves hitting the rocks. It gave the feeling of a beach with these basalt rock formations forming the shore. The feeling was very grand and fiction like. I realized that there can be places which make you feel like you are the part of a fictional movie in a set somewhere. The place had a magical and mystical aura to it. There is however not much to do at the Causeway. If you are a nature lover, you can spend about 2 hours taking a walk around and enjoying photography. I was set to leave in about 45 minutes. I yet remember the feeling of walking on those structures of basalt that are piled over each other like columns or pillars.