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Jemima Durnford
During our last full day we explored the town which took about 20 minutes, Battambang really doesn't have much to offer so we'd heard about blind people doing massage and how great it is. So we went along to this place and were asked to wear blue pyjamas and lie face down on the massage table. They asked us how strong we would like it, I said medium and Liam said hard and I am so glad I said medium because it was the MOST excruciating experience of my life! They pressed so hard and it was agony, it was more like torture and not at all like the relaxing massage we were expecting. I was just gritting my teeth and my palms were sweating so much. Afterwards we were so utterly exhausted we just went straight back to our hostel and slept for a few hours!That evening we went to our favourite restaurant which happened to be next door and ate our last Cambodian meal before heading to Bangkok in Thailand. The next day I had loads of purple and yellow bruises on my legs – yikes! Not really the way we'd expected to end our time, it was so bad that we could only laugh about it!Frequent Searches Leading To This Page:-Cambodia trip plan, Beautiful Cambodia places, Beautiful Cambodia city, Top sightseeing in Cambodia, Tourist attractions in Cambodia
Jemima Durnford
After our time in Siem Reap we headed to Battambang. We had heard about a bamboo train which you can ride with all the locals going from one place to another. When we got to Battambang the hotel manager wasn't the friendliest as we wanted to pay the price we'd seen online but he wanted us to pay more, after that we were given a room which was more like a brothel with only red lighting which was a bit dodgy.
Juhi Dutta
Today we had a morning bus to Battambang. It took us 6 hours to reach Battambang. After reaching Battambang , we quickly started to have a fun ride at the Bamboo Train or Nori for which Battambang is famous. It a makeshift train made of 4 wheels, a motor and a bamboo flatbed to sit on. It completely disassembles and was a new and different experience for us. If a Nori meets another Nori on the line, the lighter Nori is removed from rails to make way for the other one. The Nori driver took us 7 kms up and down. It was a fun experience. Next we headed to see another tragic killing fields on top of Phnom Sampov mountains. There are a few temples on top of the mountain to see as well. Next a very fascinating experience is the Bat Caves of Battambang. Millions of bats fly out of the caves at sunset to look for food. A steady stream of bats fly out of the caves and continue for about 40-45 minutes and people line up the roads to see this amazing spectacle. We ended our day by walking along the river and exploring the city.
Sharmistha Chaudhuri
Continue your Cambodia travel guide from Siem Reap as you head to Battambang, also situated in the northwest. It's a sleepy town with a relaxed attitude and the region is Cambodia's major rice producer. If you want a break from bus journeys, why not take a boat? It will be slow but crowded but will give you a feel of rural Cambodia.
Robert Neiluj
Exploration des environs de battambang, ballades en scooter, vat perdues en haut de montages...