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Mount Cook

Marigold Odyssey
Drive to Mt Cook and Tasman glacier route.We skipped glacier heli tour as we already did the same in Europe twice. So, we drove on and around the valley on the roads, stopped at places for pictures and even visited the helipad from where you could get a 3o min ride to the glaciers.Later, we drove to Auckland.
Sarita Nayak
The next day we started early. I was praying for the weather to be sunny. We booked for Heli Hiking in Tasman Glacier, which is the largest one in South Island. As usual, the mesmerizing beauty around us and the long straight roads kept on continuing. After driving for hours, we could see a huge mountain, white in color standing boastfully and very different from others. We did no mistake in realizing that it was Mount Cook, the highest mountain in New Zealand and that we were driving towards the base of the mountain. We stopped at a view point and clicked few photographs.