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Manlawi Island

Manlawi island in Caramoan is known for its vast white sandbar. However a huge portion of the sand is submerged during high tide. The water was still high when we docked in this island but even though its high tide I can see the wide sandbar which I can say the widest I have seen to date. The only shade that can protect you from the scorching heat of the sun are these two cottages which stands in the middle of the sandbar. However they collected a fee if you used the cottage. There were also two ladies bugging me to buy their shells as souvenir and coconut or buko juice (P20). The seascape in this island is really stunning. The mountains on the other side also looks very lovely and tried to joke my guide if he can accompany me climbing the mountain. He just laughed at me and said that it would be dangerous climbing the mountain. After lunch and strolling the vast white sandbar, its time to move on to the last and final island for the day - the Sabitang Laya.