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Matukad Island

Matukad Island is the first island that we visited. Its water and powdery white sand is really inviting but I was more interested in climbing towering limestone. My guide Tope did not inform that there is a hidden lagoon in this island but to be able to see the lagoon, one need to climb the sharp-edged limestones. This must be the reason why he did not inform me about this lagoon - scared that I might get hurt or worst fell off from the cliff. I learned about the lagoon after seeing some tourist coming down from the cliff. Then they told me about the lone milkfish living in the hidden lagoon. Because of curiosity, I climbed the rock and indeed there is a huge milkfish in the lagoon. A tourist told me about the legend of the 2 giant milkfish that used to live in the hidden lagoon. These fishes were considered sacred by the locals. Legend says that a fisherman caught one fish and bring it to his family. And then everyone who eats the fish died. Apart from seeing the milkfish in the lagoon, the panoramic view from the top of the lifestone is breath taking. The neighboring islets including Lahus island is visible from the top. I can say that this place a good site for camping. This island has the longest shore and there are plenty of trees that can provide tourists shade from heat of the sun and rain. I should have camp here if only I know that it is allowed.