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Chakrata hill station

Ambika Bhardwaj
A local contact suggested a home-stay in village, Singor, near Viraat Khai. It is a settlement, 30 km afore Chakrata. Most importantly, it is far more pocket-friendly than a stay in Chakrata.Singor, is as calm as the mountains can get. It is certainly a visual plunge to overlook at the Doon valley on one hand, and cascades of mountains, on the other. The village has a traditional outlook and is still inhabited by the Jaunsar tribe. Wooden pahadi homes with corn soaking the summer sun: lazily hung up on little windows, and villagers offering lunch and Chaang, was indeed a pleasant welcome-home gesture!It is one of those villages, in which time has stood still, rather slow. The phone network is replaced by village gatherings and hearty conversations, under an old oak tree.It is amazing, how my quest for bluer skies and breezy mountains led me to Singor. In what quickly slipped away as just an 8 hour road trip, raising me to an altitude of 7000 ft.Note: —I enjoyed my cosy stay there for 2 nights and 3 days. The cost I incurred was Rs. 1000, in toto—The family I stayed with was so generous, they fed me to bits—There are no registered home-stays here, but the villagers are tourist friendly and usually have a separate room for guests