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Leaving Delhi from this double decker train and finally reached Dehradun on time....

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For some Dehradun holds schooldays memories....

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Robber's Cave

Next day we started our drive towards Mussoorie the roads were very beautiful. The drive was more enjoyable as the weather was cloudy. We took a halt at Dehradun and saw a signboard stating Guchhupani 3kms inside, with a shady photo on it. Pooja insisted that we should go and check out this place. I and Bandi were quite skeptical on this. Never heard of this place, nobody ever mentioned this, should we go inside or no was the question. Due to Pooja’s insistence, we went inside. It was a 3km narrow road drive to reach to a place captured by families. I murmured “this is a family picnic spot, we seem to be out of place”, the insistence was collaborative now, "let's go inside since we have come untill this point". The place proved our apprehensions very wrong. It was a river cave, which had been formed due to a crack in the mountains. One feels excited while walking in the river and going through the mountain passage. The passage is small and narrow and two huge mountains on both sides makes it ok for 4 people to pass through at a time. It was like a mini Grand Canyon which one can explore through. One would be sad to have missed it. Later on, my friend Poojan pinged, did you happen to see the robbers cave I said Indeed. PS - Later we realized it was #1 Things to do Place in Dehradun. Sometimes accidents are pleasant too.
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Bhatta Falls

Bhatta Falls is in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. The Bhatta falls has been one of significant attractions of Mussoorie. Situated at a separation of 7 kms from the township of Mussoorie this spot has been produced as a noteworthy visitor spot. Bhatta falls shares the absolute most beautiful destinations with a little stream coursing through the site. The stream is loaded with green growth which makes it unfit for swimming. A little lake with crisp that is found close-by that is produced to stimulate the guests. This little lake gives some chance to the voyagers who consider having a plunge in the water. Alongside swimming offices the lake likewise give some chance to sculling too. Encompassed with some most appealing kids' park and outlandish picturesque excellence this spot is effectively congenial through nearby transport administrations and auto rickshaws. The voyagers can likewise convey their private autos to near to puts which are very much joined with streets. The most alluring sight of Bhatta falls is the area with the extended piles of Mussoorie which add to the grand magnificence of the fall.
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About Dehradun

Dehradun is easily one of the most popular hill stations in India. Though easily accessible by all modes of transportation, taking the road would be the best way to experience this heaven. The drive will take you through dense forests on the hilly road and if you're lucky, you might even see a wild elephant or leopard pass you by. The fresh and dewy hill air will infiltrate your lungs and put you in a great mood right away. In terms of things to see, there is Robber's Cave, a river cave formation and Sahashtradhara, which is also a stunning sight of nature consisting of sulphur springs. But more than its sights, Dehradun is the perfect place for a family getaway. After all it has everything that you could need for a relaxing holiday. The town has many vintage bookshops (Natraj Publishers, The English Book Depot), college campuses with hilly backdrops, architectural marvels (such as the Forest Research Institute), alleys filled with quaint restaurants, adventure sports gear shops and forest resorts and hotels to fit every budget. Vishranti, a resort tucked away discreetly in the Sal forests of the Doon valley, deserves a special mention for its beauty and luxury. The city is a haven for foodies as Dehradun offers a lot of variety and affordability in its cuisine. Restaurants and cafes such as Doon Darbar, renowned for devour-worthy Mughlai dishes and The Buffet for its mouthwatering burgers, cutlets and coffee, are popular options.

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