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Valley of Flowers National Park

Earlier used as a cattle grazing ground, this was declared as a national park and then later an UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 2005. This is in the Josimath Region of the Bhyundar Valley and is known for its outstanding scenic beauty. There is a little bit of everything here which makes this place magical. Starting from fresh air and snow clad mountain to colourful flowers and lush greenery, you get everything here. This place along with the Nanda Devi National Park make up the whole nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve and is a place extremely rich in natural biodiversity. There is an abundance of alpine shrubs and other plants, it is also known that in the epic of Ramayana, Hanumana brought down the Sanjeevani herb to save the life of lakshmana from this same place. It is still believed that the Sanjeevani herb grows here. The Gauri Parbat is the highest peak here and more than 650 varieties of flowers grow here including rare ones such as cobra lily, Brahmakamal as well as blue poppy. Photographers and nature lovers find their ultimate food for the sould in such a place and tourists find immense bliss and peace out here.
It is not just the flower and rain... but mighty Himalaya with its unspeakable love that makes you fall in love with it.Quick breakdown of journey. (from Hardiwar/Rishikesh up to VOF)Bus Haridwar to Joshimath 400rs ( average time 9-11 hrs due to heavy rain and landslides during rain)  lost_soul_2991Valley of Flowers National Park View Profile  lost_soul_299165 posts · 273 followers View More on Instagram LikeComment Share Save 34 likes lost_soul_2991When you decide to document only good things in life and share with great friends.#solotravel #mountainhiking #himalayalovers #lastvillageofindia #uttarakhand_travel_diaries #uttaranchal #uttarakhand #uttarakhandtourism #tripotocommunity #feel_alive_2 #chinaboarder #incredibleindia #shotoniphone #nofilters #shotiniphone #incredible_india #tripotocommunity #travelphotography #himalayangeographic #tripadvisor #beautiful_india_photography #uttarakhand_travel_diaries #uttarakhandtourism #uttarakhand #uttarakhandtourism @euttaranchal @apple #shotoniphone #shootoniphone Add a comment... Instagram lost_soul_2991Himalayas View Profile  lost_soul_299165 posts · 273 followers View More on Instagram LikeComment Share Save 34 likes lost_soul_2991When the manhood of the Sun is visible, the moon becomes erotic by ripping.............#Solotrvel #mountanhikidag #himlylovers #lstvillgeofaindia #uttrknd_trevl_dayrij #uttracl #uttrknd #uttrkndtourism #tripotochommunity # Fil_alaiv_2 #cinborder #itrrchredibleindia #sotonifone #nofailters #sotinifone #inkradibl_india #tripotochommunity #trvelfotogrfy #himlyngeogrfic #tripdvisor #butiful_india_fotografi #uttrknd_trevl_dayrij #uttrkndtourism #uttrknd #uttrkndtourism #indiapictures #indiatristsgram @lonelyplanetindia @shotinindia @himalayangeographic @tripotocommunity @first_pilgrim @insta__india @beautiful_india_indian #hikinghimalayas #uttarakhand_travel_dieries #uttarakannada #polarvantagev @feel_alive_2 #himalayasin #jannatehimachal #uttarakhandvibes @uttarakhandvibes #shotoniphone @appleview all comments Add a comment... Instagram
Mountain Wheeler
SUBSCRIBE NOW - (Free). We visited Valley of Flowers in August, and the weather was cold and rainy as it's monsoon time. the trek is full of adventure, but is it worth going there? Yes/No? watch the video until the end.Do you want to know how we reached the valley of flower from Delhi?Watch these episodes:Ep. 01 - 02 - guys, I am Himanshu Tewari(Mountain Wheeler) & thank you so much taking out time to watch my videos. Do "LIKE" the video if you like it and for any query/suggestions just comment down below...|---------------------------❤❤❤❤❤------------------------|Don't Forget to "SUBSCRIBE" and "SHARE"|---------------------------❤❤❤❤❤------------------------|✔ "Let's connect on:"► Instagram: ► Facebook: ► Twitter:
Visharth Negi
The Final Destination
Visiting Valley of FlowersIt was a beautiful day, which a hint of rain, so we packed you rain coat before starting the trek.This trek(4km) is pleasant and making it's way through the dense forest. It is less difficult in compare to Hemkund. If you are lucky (or unlucky) wild animals can be seen in the forest.The valley is stretches over an expanse of 87 km2 and it is about 8 km long and 2 km wide.
Tanvi S
Our first stop was Valley of Flowers. Now you must be thinking what are we doing here instead of actual SOU? Well, we deliberately put the statue in last of the order cos we were sure that we would meet long queues and crowd at the elevator and at the observatory. Rather than wasting time in queues, it's sensible to check other places and then go to the main point. So talking about valley of flowers, it's manmade on Narmada River banks with view of statue on right and dam on left! It's picturesque and beautiful.