Valley Of flowers : national Park, Uttarakhand

5th Aug 2018
Day 1

( This whole trip can be planned by your own, there will be many solo travellers, for me this was first trek, first north India trip, first himalayan trek, so as i didn't had any idea about region, i choose the travel agent,hope my travel details will give u complete idea to plan your own trip by yourself).

Hi guys,

I am a civil structural engineer, who always spend most of my time with computer and calculations, sometimes feel like getting disappear from this running race of corporate life... Basically I'm a traveller n as usual its interlinked.. To travel i need money, to get money i need to work again when work feels monotonous, I'll escape to trip...

This time my escape was my dream of few years... YESS!! ITS Himalaya...#valleyofflowers...#Himalaya #trekkingHimalaya.... Though i was not pretty much prepared for trekking, i decided to take up this trip... N this dream of mine came true by the help of #tortoisetraveller #mountainmanju...

This was my first alone trip (kinda solo trip) but I'm glad i choose tortoise traveller...

My co travellers were very much amazing.. In fact they were highly energetic..

We started from bangalore.. ???? Banglore to dehradun... 2 n half hrs journey.... As soon we landed, our guide #rajatMusafir was waiting with the tt to take us to first halt place srinagar...

Day 2

It was a beautiful hotel on the Bank of river #alakanand ... We spent our evening exploring the local hanging bridge next to our hotel #chahat. Drizzling made us feel the upcoming exited trip.

Next whole day is almost travelling day.Travel to our base camp #govindghat.This travel made the whole team to know each other well.. The food stops are literally good. My trip organiser had given us the freedom to eat what we want, there was no restriction in choosing the items from menu card. Through rishikesh, dholi ganga and joshi matt we reached our base camp #govindghat, journey was amazing, himalayan landscape was breath taking. Guys the road we travelled was #rudraprayag, not a joke man, u know its known for its landslides ah.

Day 3

The home stay our trip organiser booked was extremely clean and good... Whole home stay was maintained by pretty couple...#gangaresort... Aunt cooked the best South Indian healthy food for us, man i tell you it was awesome..!!

Our trip organiser had told us about what to pack for trek in itinerary very precisely and

Perfectly, still if any thing is missed or forgotten,don't worry guys u have a market here, u'll get the temporary rain coats and Natural trekking stick made with bamboo and have sharp metal cone attached to stick at end to make ur trek hassle free..

(but shoes, thermals, coats to save you from coldest nights which u might have not experienced is must to be carried).

Day 4

The day we started our trek... A huge mountain in front our home stay was very mejastic.. ???? It was cool... Its just like "guys u do what ever u want, u can't shake me da"... I loved that mountain...

Our organisers arranged mule to carry our heavy luggage to #ghangaria, as we are not professionally trained to trek with luggage and our next 3 nights stay is planned there in ghangaria,the luggage was quite heavy.

Yeahhhhhh now the time came...

Step by step we started our trek.. River #pushpavathi will be flowing to the right of you... She will be coming from the place were u are heading towards... She roars.. she is mighty.... she is powerful. She is huge...

We were very keenly guided to walk the way with good trekking manners as many mule were also using the same path and this path also leads to the pilgrimage centre #henkundsahib, crowd of all age groups will be there and so we should not mess up the trek.

If you are a first time trekker, no worries keep calm and walk, nature is really kind, every step is going to be memorable, enjoy the green landscape around, take a deep breath and just take next step. U may be late, but its better late than never. Our team was very friendly, my guide walk with me as i was a slow trekker, he had all patience for the pit stops i took.

I just got amazed of the force of river flowing my way criss crossing. On first day of my trek only i got to know I'm in heaven on earth.

After the trek of 14kms ,(u'll come across many cute water falls) we will reach "our home for next 3 days" ghangaria. Its not town nor village, its just a street opens up only for half a year another half Year wil be covered by snow. We were given with the Best hotel in that place hotel #kubberaneex.

Rest for this night with good food... There is beautiful Tomorrow waiting.

Day 5

This day our journey was towards the land where god worship himself..... Yep its valley of flowers ???? ????.

You will be given with morning breakfast and lunch pack for noon.

Valley of flowers is a national park. Were u can find plenty of different species of flowers.

"don't expect huge size flowers". They are miniature sized but highly impressing things on earth. Now the river pushpavathi starts showing her amazing plays and faces... Superb water falls, very clean n purest form water flowing from glaciers..

Path is pretty narrow but our guide was very intensively caring, he guided us each n every step.

Each flower was awesome in its own way. Smells of each flower mesmerised. I enjoyed my each step for fullest.

Weather on day was good to us not too sunny not too cloudy. Rain played peek a boo, u know, u must feel the rain there its much necessary to complete the feel of valley of flowers.

There is no particular barrier to end this valley(5 to 6kms of trek)

A river bed separate the land and we decided to stop there. One can find the grave of person who discovered this valley. KUDOS to him boss.

There we spent a most valuable minutes of our lifetime,having food which we got packed.

You'll get the auspicious moment to talk to urself.

Definitely u won't get any thoughts and u'll go blank( u may call it peace).

After spending sometime, we have to start our return journey.

Who wants to leave that place??? But the national park closes by 5pm and we should be out of the nation park THE VALLEY OF FLOWERS by that time.

With all positive energy we headed back to our hotel, as the sun sets temperature gets down till 4 degrees. All were very content by the valley of trekking n had a real "good night " sleep.

Day 6

Our next day trek was towards the pilgrimage place #henkundsahib. Its a gurdwara on heights peak. Trekking here was tough man. One can hire mule if feels tired (not costly at all).

Once we reached the top of mountain trekking 12kms,15000m above sea level there was a divine pond,water flowing from glaciers directly into this pond. We all had fun time by taking the challenge of dipping in this pond which was ice cool(ice pond challenge) with all due respect to gurdwara. Gurdwara serves the hot chai n khichdi... Having it is a real pleasure. This day also weather was very kind to us. We got hours of clear vision to record the best sights of himalayan landscapes. As usual many water falls will make you feel happy through out the trek. U'll get to see the many flowers which u might have not seen in your life time. Each flower is special here.

We descended to ghangaria from hemkund sahib by 5pm.

After dinner on this day we all started feeling sad as tomorrow is last day of our trek.

Resting the last night in ghangaria we all got ready to descend the mountain to govindghat.

Day 7

This day morning we all packed our bags to leave to govindghat. Few of us took the helicopter(note:not at all tired, just for experience) n few trekked down.

14kms of trekking down took half of the time i took on first day of trek to climb up.

End of this day, when i Stood at the base of the mountains i trekked, i will felt so very much content and happy and fulfilled, i promise you guys, no words in any dictionary can explain that feeling.

I loved you mountains n rivers n flowers and thanks for loving me back on those days i spent with you.

Day 8

Nxt day we visited last village of india #manavillage, where we get very nice mythological stories from mahabharata to be hear about , #bhadrinath, where one will be astonished to see n experience hot water springs and through #rudraprayag #vishnupray #devprayag where rivers #alkanda #saraswathi #bhagirathi #Mandakini joins to become #theholyriverganga we reach rishikesh.

Nxt day morning we started exploring rishikesh ("why the hell i did "is exactly what i felt)

Till this day i was in swag of natures best appearance and this day made me to see the worst possible outcome of human interface with nature. In the name holy rituals #rishikesh and #haridwar are spoiled to highest the possible extent.

Guys we must wake up from our stupid thoughts of making a clean place dirty by the name of GOD. Here i literally understood the importance of #cleanIndian #swachabharath.

Of course our trip organisers had provided us with best hotel of rishikesh but what i saw on this day is truly not good at all. #saveganga.

Day 9

We spent the last night of our trip in rishikesh.

Next day morning we all headed back to dehradun to catch up the bangalore flight. N yes I'm back home with unforgettable memories, very nice friends and loads of energy and positive vibes.

All thanks for #tortoisetraveller making the best trip happen to me in my life time. He consciously choose his clients so co traveller should have the best time, he takes all the necessary steps make your trip happy and calm and easily done without any hurdles. He definitely concentrate on availability of best food throughout the trip. He have the team of best guides who care for everything about each and every one in trip team.

Thanks a lot #MountainManju and #tortoisetraveller. U guys made my year 2018 an DREAM COME TRUE YEAR.

"Age makes you older n elder but travel makes you matured enough to enjoy the life you are having".

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