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Mawsmai Cave

The road on which you will find the Mawsmai Caves is the Mawsmai Cave Road. These caves are a group of extremely well preserved natural caves. These are under the supervision of the Tourism Department of Meghalaya. The way the deposition of the limestones and stalagcites have taken place makes you wait and imagine what figure each of the caves would resemble and this is another interesting part here. Also, the Tourism Department have worked towards the cleanliness and comfort of the tourists and thus put up eco- friendly lights all along the caves. Due to this, the tourists are at an advantage and can take a look at the variety colour moss and also the algae on the inner walls of the caves.
Mawsmai Caves:After the Umaim lake we proceeded to Mawsmai caves, Its definitely one of the best places for anyone to try their hand at caving. This is a limestone cave and we recommend an additional set of clothes if you ever intend to complete the caving activity as the pathway or routes can get very narrow, wet and messy by the time you make it out you would like to change ASAP. we have also learnt about stalactites and stalagmites in our childhood and got to see them for the first time in our lives.
Preeya Darshini
Mawsmai Caves(Cherrapunji)
Subhadeep Hazra
DAY 3,MawsmaiVisit Mawsmai Cave and Nohkalikai Falls at Cherrapunji, Of the 10 longest and deepest caves in Asian country, 9 square measure found in Meghalaya. The Mawsmai Cave close to Sohra (Cherrapunji) could be a must-see with its dim-lit passages and sedimentary rock formations.The spectacular Nohkalikai Falls could be a prime rated Meghalaya attraction. it’s the tallest plunge body of water in Asian country, with a height of 340 metres. Fed by fresh water, the body of water is at its clamant best throughout and when the monsoons.You can additionally strive zip-lining at the Mawkdok – Dympep vale, the zip-line is 2600 feet long and 1200 feet high. you’ll admire the vale views from the Duwan Sing Syiem bridge.Cafe Cherrapunji situated on the point of the bridge could be a sensible pit-stop for lunch.
Abhishek Tyagi
However amazing a place may be, one has to get going at some point, sand so we started again- to Mawsami Caves this time.These caves, apparently very old and holding a historic significance, attract a lot of crowd. We reached the parking lot and headed towards the cave entrance. One of the three of us felt claustrophobic, and decided not to go ahead. The remaining 2 of us went inside to find the cave becoming narrow at several points, which meant that a lot of care had to be taken while passing through them. To add an element of fun, the electricity supply inside the cave went off, switching off the only sources of light inside the otherwise dark path. There were sudden squeals inside, with immediate and frantic search of mobile phones to light the torches. It was a fun surprise, and we kept moving ahead further to come out through the exit point.While it was a good experience, someone running out of time and trying to cover only important spots in Cherrapunjee can give Mawsami Caves a miss!We now headed to our next destination, yet another waterfall!
Siva Ilankumaran
Mawsmai Cave is less risky trekking place, and it is the only cave in Meghalaya lighted fully. Water runs below your legs and water drips in few openings is a special sight.