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Mawsmai Cave

The road on which you will find the Mawsmai Caves is the Mawsmai Cave Road. These caves are a group of extremely well preserved natural caves. These are under the supervision of the Tourism Department of Meghalaya. The way the deposition of the limestones and stalagcites have taken place makes you wait and imagine what figure each of the caves would resemble and this is another interesting part here. Also, the Tourism Department have worked towards the cleanliness and comfort of the tourists and thus put up eco- friendly lights all along the caves. Due to this, the tourists are at an advantage and can take a look at the variety colour moss and also the algae on the inner walls of the caves.
We went to see seven sister falls, Mawsmai caves and Eco park to close for the day. To our luck, it was not raining then but started pouring down as we reached resort at night.
Pratyusha Sen
It takes around 30 minutes to cross one of the longest caves in Meghalaya, the Mawsmai Cave. This cave has now been fully decked up for tourists and travelers alike. Artificial lights will guide you inside where natural light cannot and the narrow gaps to squeeze through will give you the thrills. You might have to crawl at some points as well. But do visit this place, it's worth your adventure streak.
mohit juneja
The exploring doesn't stop with landscapes, cafe and waterfalls but it gets deeper as our next stop was Mawsmai caves. Eluding the drizzle and soft rays of sun we entered into the deep dark and mysterious world of caves located 6km away from the town of Sohra. The darkness felt alluring and our explorer hearts were thumping to enter it, with dagger like formations, steep and narrow passage, glistening walls and a hole in the cave roof was ethereal. The caves were lit up by halogen lamps helping the tourist to navigate their way in 40feet deep cave.
Mridula Iyengar
We visited a number of waterfalls in Cherrapunji and experienced caving at Krem Mawsmai.Stay at Cafe Cherrapunji.
Sushma Neeraj
Popularly known as the Mawsmai Cave, which are situated only a half a kilometer from the town, this is the most splendid place to be explored during your trip. What makes it a reason for visiting Cherrapunji is the fact that these are the fourth longest caves in the entire Indian sub-continent, which also have a little pool inside formed by five different rivers.
neha ballal
The next morning we got up early and walked around 5 km. to Maswmai caves. We were the only ones on the road out that early in the rain but it was an amazing walk.
Sohinee Basu
Mawsmai cave:Our last stop was the day was the cave. Inside the cave we can see the formation of stalactites and stalagmites. The entrance of the cave was quite large but the exit was not. In some of the part we had to kneel down and bend our head to go forwards. It can be a little claustrophobic for some people though.
Abha Singh
Mawsmai cavesMawsmai caves are another nature’s wonder to explore. It is the longest caves in the north eastern part of India.. these are naturally formed limestone constructions
Manoj D Kashyap
This was only place apart from the water falls on the day fifth of our trip. It is an exciting place to bring children and one who loves exploring. Keep in mind not to get over excited and get lost in the caves exploring on your own. There are guided paths, please follow only those paths.
We reached Mawsmai Caves, here you can experience caving. It was rainy day and it was continuously drizzling. There is a nominal entrance fee to the caves. Caves had almost ankle to knee deep water. Some place you need to crawl in the cave and waterfall due to rain. It was fun and exciting. Wear good shoes and mind your head. There are photo available as it was raining. 
Mawsmai CavesAlmost 50 percentage of this cave is covered in water and only flash lights will be your companion through its journey. Dwindling paths, bleak lights and limestone rocks with water dripping slowly through the cracks add an exquisite enclosure to this place.
Akshansh Singh
So the last point of the day was Krem Mawsmai Limestone Cave, a cave beautifully crafted by nature. It’s a cave twisted enough to check your body flexibility. There is a pool at the exit point of the cave and a small hole on the roof of the cave from where sunlight enters the cave creating a perfect spot for pictures. And for a little more adventure few of us went a little more inside the cave it was a path we found on the right hand side in the middle of the cave where there was no light but a path worth going in for a little more of nature’s craft. With this the first day of our trip to Cherrapunji came to an end.
Firstly, claustrophobic people should avoid going inside the cave as it’s really dark inside and you have to keep squeezing yourself and crawling as the way is extremely narrow and also you have to avoid being hit on the head by lower roof levels which are structures of limestone, some even being pointed.
Sonam Nimkar
Mawsmai CAVE:Mawsmai caves located in Meghalaya are the most accessible caves of India. Yet it does not cease to take your breath away. You can explore these caves without a guide. You would find these caves 6 Km away from Cherapunji. You will find a small groove on a hill and Mawsmai caves are hidden beneath these trees. The cave is spacious and well lit throughout. Once you enter the cave you cannot exit from the same spot. You need to visit the entire length of the cave to be able to exit. There are places in the cave where you have to squeeze yourself to be able to cross. Since the cave is well lit you can actually see every little detail of the rock formations. The colors and patterns feel most alive among these lights. It paints a awesome picture with water dripping from these rocks, however because of these lights a sense of adventure is taken away.
Although crowded, yet good for beginner level explorers!