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Mueang Chiang Rai

Himanshu Kapoor
3 Chiang Rai
Aneesha Bothra
Day 5 (Chiang Rai)- This was one of the days I was looking forward to cause this day we were planning on going to the golden triangle , place where you can see Laos and Myanmar from Thailand and it's just a ferry ride away seemed like a spot I definitely din't want to miss , so we got up early , visited a few temples on the way and then went to the opium museum cause we were curious , not about the fact that if we could get some opium there :P , nah (well maybe a little) , but just about the basic history as too how Thailand became one of the largest producers of opium in the world . Well this place was sure a good history lesson ,that probably our portions in school din't cover and about 1 km away was the golden triangle near the Mekong river , so it might just take you about 5 minutes at a whole to scan the spot near the Golden triangle and take pics , hence if you do want to plan your day ahead , please do so , we couldn't help but head back to chivit thamma da coffee house .Activities: The golden triangle , opium museum , Chivit thamma da coffee house ( again)Stay: Phowadol resort and spa
Aneesha Bothra
Day 4 (Chiang Rai) - Chiang Rai happens to be in the northern part of Thailand , and has beautifully sculpted temples(the white and the black temple) and also the Singha(beer) park and Chivit thamma da coffee house and hence our 2nd destination, So we opted for a car that would take us to the infamous black temple and white temple (Wat Rong Khun) also the singha park as it was drizzling and that cost us about 1300 baht , but trust me a better option would be a bike , probably cost you about 200 baht to rent it + 100 baht max for the petrol . Each of the temples are beautiful in their own way and when you head to Singha park do keep in mind to at least reach a 2 or 3 hours before the closing time cause you can rent a bicycle by the hour and go around the park , it's brilliant , do not miss out on that . Also we couldn't have ended the day in a better location than Chivit thamma da coffee house , That place is truly spectacular as its right near the kok river , the food , the drinks are highly recommended, please do make time for this stunning place .Activities: White temple, black temple, Singha park and a lovely dinner in Chivit thamma da coffee houseStay : Phowadol resort and Spa .