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with Rudy. Up next, Chiang Mai.... Within the old city of Chiang... over Chiang Mai all the way... views of Chiang Mai but was just...

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Wat Rong Khun Pa Tan Chiang Rai Thailand

This is one of the most beautiful temples in Thailand and is also known as ‘The White Temple’ because it’s entirely white. It really is beautiful and has an amazing story to it. It is also a very recent temple and inside it keeps paintings of the world up to date for example the twin towers, the war on terror and the paintings are spectacular. Unfortunately no pictures allowed. It is still a temple and you must make sure you have appropriate dress on, no legs on show or shoulders!
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The Hall of Opium Ban Saeo Chiang Rai Thailand

One of the many attractions of the Golden Triangle area, in the northern region of Thailand, is without a doubt the Hall of Opium, created in 1988 by Princess Mother on her desire to educate people on the background of opium in the Golden Triangle and elsewhere in the world. The Golden Triangle, infamous worldwide for its poppy fields, drug smugglers, and opium warlords. Throughout the three decades, the Golden Triangle supplied most of the world’s heroin. Even today, Myanmar and less so the Laos PDR produce significant amounts of opium. The Hall of Opium was created to help reduce demand through education.
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About Chiang Rai

Get your sweat on: Chiang Saen (3 days. A lot of walking.) A 4 hour drive from the central northern hub, Chiang Mai, will get you to the Golden Triangle. Here you can take a boat trip along the Mekong Delta and pop over to Laos briefly. But since you’re this far up north, you should take a hill tribe trek to see the stunning Thai wilderness and meet hill tribes who still live out in the jungle. Wear grippable shoes, wear long pants as you will be striding through the bush, bring mozzie repellent, a head torch would be great when searching for the loo in the dead of night and be prepared for creepy crawlies. It will be quite hardcore in this heat for those who aren’t particularly fit, but if I can survive it (barely) then you can too!

Best Time To Visit

Best time to visit Chiang Rai is from December to February
Chiang Rai

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