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Tokyo DisneySea

Dharmesh Dhakan
Day 2: Tokyo Disney Resort – Disneyland is a 115-acre theme park once such place can also be said as a Joy Park. The rides here are very happening and stunning. It brings out the kid in you, the joy we experienced as a kid when we such rides. This park has boats, cruise, train, and Skybus to move around internally. Tokyo Disney Resort is divided into two parts :
Dianne Goh
The rides are really fun: we were saving money so we bought the Starlight Pass (for entry from 6pm onwards, which is really dark in winter) for less than SGD50. Still, we managed to go on three rides in the 4 hours that we were in the park, including time spent queuing! We headed straight for the Tower of Terror and queued for about 1.5hours. It was totally worth it as the right took us to the top for a quick view of the entire park before sinking straight back down again.
Megan Faustine
Disneysea is different from Disneyland. Disneyland is available in Hongkong, Paris, America, and so on. But Disneysea is only available in Tokyo, Japan. Yes, it’s the one and only just in Tokyo. Disneysea has two main show that you won’t and shouldn’t miss. Both show is located on the Mediteranian Sea (at the centre of the lake). The first show is around 2.30 p.m, and the second show is the closing show, at 9.00 p.m. If you want to see it from a good spot, then you must wait there about 1 hour before the show started. It’s really worth it and I’m sure you wouldn’t miss it ! Not only the main show, Disneysea also have some Disney Parade at a certain hour, and it’s also worth to see. Personally, I think that visiting Disneysea for one day is not enough. There are lots of attractions that you should see, lots of rides that you shouldn’t miss, lots of snacks that you should try, lots of cute souvenir that you should see around! Must eat food in Disneysea : Chicken (near Indiana Jones, in Lost River Delta), Churros (I try the one near Toy Story), Popcorn (It’s everywhere), Disney Ice Cream (it’s everywhere), Cafe Portofino (Located near Mediteranian Sea, has a very nice spot, Recommended for lunch, try the one that has cheese and prawns at the top)
Fran Sendiong-Dacono
I am a Disney baby. I grew up watching Disney movies and singing their songs.