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vidhi bubna
Akhiabara: This is a region where electronics are sold but we mainly came here to eat.
Kritika Parwal
Oh, now some action after the melodrama! Visit the Akhihabaras, the famous ‘Maid cafes’ of Japan the next day… the entire street is laden with little cafes serving exotic food with exotic women dressed in maid costumes ushering you in!
Junior Hogan
Shopping in Akihabara is hands down a must-do thing if you are a gadget or electronic lover. My recent trip to Tokyo in 2012 left me with choices of places to visit here and this was on top of my list as the last time I visited Akihabara was back in 1990. That was 22 years ago and I had to see how things have changed since my last visit here. To my surprise, the development of Akihabara left me speechless as from a mere few streets of electrical gadgets, it has extended into such a large place. I remember back then, I managed to cover most of the main places in under half a day. This time around, that same time only let me to see probably half of the entire place. While walking around the back lanes, I also noticed many Japanese Maid Cafes operating especially on the first floor of the buildings. Cute Japanese girls in maid costumes would be standing at the balcony clapping their hands and shouting some Japanese words to get customers attention. Well, that being one of the top novelties in Japan, I totally pushed that curiosity out of my head and continued with my fascination of the electric city here. Really, I did!
Megan Faustine
To Akihabara : Take JR Yamanote (Green line) from Otsuka Station to Akihabara. Akihabara is basically the centre of Anime / Manga. You can found all types of anime, manga, figures, games, and stuffs like that in Akihabara. Just go around Akihabara to look around. When you already out from the Akihabara Station, you’ll directly see AKB48 Cafe and also Gundam Cafe. AKB48 cafe is really crowded, even the people willing to queue while it’s raining. Actually, we want to try Home Cafe, where you can found the waiters dress in a cute cosplay costume. Unfortunately, Home Cafe is closed at 5 p.m. So yeah, we didn’t have a chance to eat there. How to find Home Cafe ? Just go to Akihabara, and you’ll see a big board that will guide you to the Home Cafe.