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Sriracha Tiger Zoo

Rhishabh Naredi
13th November 18 – we packed up and were ready to leave for Bangkok but we had another stop waiting for us on our way back! Srirancha Zoo, the experience was different and great!! I still cannot believe that I fed a Tiger there!!! (Check out the same on my blog posts!) Soon we checkin to our hotel – Aspen Suits. The building didn’t give me that great of a vibe honestly but the moment I entered into my room I knew this was one of the top notch hotels too. Great room, lavish bathrooms and soft beds, the best we could have asked for was received.As we had checkin by evening we still had the night and we didn’t want to miss any moment so we again left and this time for the famous malls of Bangkok which were filled with electronic, baggage and gold items! The markets and malls were vibrant and beautiful!! Shopping went great that night and the day soon came to an end.14th November 18 – our last day in Thailand was like a cherry on cake to this beautiful trip where we went to Safari World a beautiful place to visit and interact with animals like Giraffe, lions, tigers and what not!!
Shivam Bajare
SRIRACHA TIGER ZOO: - The zoo contains many amazing animal shows like the tiger show, crocodile show, the elephant show etc. you even get a chance to feed tiger cubs milk. The elephant show was also one of the most amazing thing which I had experienced. In that show by paying some baht you can get a chance to be lifted up by the elephant as he grab you by his trunk. AMAZING isn't it!!After that I went to Pattaya and checked in Nova platinum hotel. A decent hotel. After some rest in afternoon it was the time for the famous ALCAZAR cabaret show.