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Kaustav Padmapati
Tokyo is incomplete without mentioning its fascinating fashion and shopping districts. It is one of the most fashionable cities of the world. There are many different fashion styles, including street styles, cultures and sub cultures, which co-exits and appear every year in Tokyo. Number of street fashions are prominent and iconic in Tokyo. Many of these street fashions appeared as a protest to the Japanese uniform and rigid society. You can spot highly fashionable people in the popular streets like Ginza and Shibyua. Similarly, Tokyo is shopper’s paradise as it caters to the need of all sections of the tourists. The city has the fashion houses and international brands from all across the globe. The experiences are unending in this sleepless city.A full seven-day trip may be not enough to know this Asian Mega City. Tokyo is full of surprises to any visitor specially a big-city lover like me. My exposure to this dream city was beyond my imagination. I left the city with a heavy heart. While taking the return flight back to New Delhi only one song was playing over again and again over my head "Sayonara" "Sayonara" Tokyo (until I see you again).
vidhi bubna
Ghinza- This is a street which is filled with places to shop. Only high end brands are present here so if you want to shop here, be prepared to carry bags filled with bundles of money. Brands like Louis Vuitton and Cartier have entire buildings in this region so there are also more options to buy within the brands. I am a shopping freak and this was like my day in the Disney and thrill of brands and fashion. Since the showrooms are very big, there are a vast number of things on display. Even if you're not into high end shopping but want to explore what the other end of the world looks like and what are the newest shopping trends in place, Ghinza is the place for you.
Dianne Goh
I thought Ginza would be just filled with expensive shops selling branded goods I am not interested in, but I'm glad I was mistaken! In the smaller streets off the main Ginza strip there are many smaller shops with some pretty good buys. We didn't have time to explore all the streets.
Megan Faustine
Ginza is one of the luxuriest place to shop in Tokyo. It’s full of branded products along the road. If you’re a shopping and branded mania, I think one day is not enough to visit Ginza. You will need two days, believe me. I go to Uniqlo, because Uniqlo in Ginza has the biggest store among any other Uniqlo in Tokyo. It consists of 10 floor, and maybe you can spend half of your day here. It’s really complete! I also tried Dalloyau macaroon’s. Actually, I want to try Laduree’s macaroons, since I’m really curious about the taste. But because my tour leader, Masae-san said that Dalloyau has a good taste too and pretty famous here, so I tried Dalloyau instead of Laduree. Yeah, it does taste good and yummy ! My favourite Macaroons from Dalloyau is the Lemon flavour! It’s a must try :d
Fatema Diwan
Ginza is one of the neighborhoods in Tokyo that sums up fun, food and fashion. Cafes, art galleries, department stores, boutiques, night clubs, you name it and you will find it here. One of the most entertaining and fashion-forward districts (many leading fashion houses have flagship stores here) of Tokyo. It is a bit elite and expensive and supposedly the most luxurious shopping centers in the world. But, even if you aren't here with a strong intention to shop (although you will end up buying something) it is an interesting place to just walk around.