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Anila Kopparapu
It isn’t always that we pay attention to Kerala’s history when exploring this land, lost in its stunning natural beauty, food and culture. Kerala’s history is just as rich as everything else here and in the quaint little locality of Mattancherry, that’s located right within Kochi on the outskirts is proof. Just 9 km away from the centre, Mattancherry lies quiet and beautiful, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, holding within it some really rich history.What makes Mattancherry a historical treasure? This place is ancient. There was trade done here by people from Arabian, European and African countries for centuries while the local kings ruled and that made it important. Later on, the Jews, the Dutch chose to stay here and build palaces and forts that make up the architecture of this place. 
Divyakshi Gupta
Our next stop is Mattancherry. I have extremely high hopes from the Dutch palace of the Mattancherry palace, but I am left a little underwhelmed.The murals are fantastic,the wooden roof catches my attention and so do the lovely windows, but there isn't really anything to write home about.
E Jey
Located close to Kumbalangi is Mattancherry, another place that radiates aura of cultures foreign to Kerala. Though different communities like Guajaratis, Jains and Konkanis have grown roots here, it is the Jewish community that has left a lasting impression.Jewish synagogue, the worship place for Jews, is one of the oldest and most active synagogues in India. A handful of Jewish community are present here, still fiercely guarding their culture.Dutch palace of Mattancherry is another attraction for tourists. Although the palace is named Dutch, the architecture is quintessential Kerala style. Worth a visit, if only to stare at the elegance of the structure.
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