Cochin : A lovetale

9th Mar 2016
Photo of Cochin : A lovetale 1/2 by Vishesh Roy
Photo of Cochin : A lovetale 2/2 by Vishesh Roy

The whole trip was a amazing experience for me as it was my first time that I visited cochin. I was fascinated with the fact that how much educated people of cochin are. I had a very incredible journey in the city of cochin and I found the temperature of the city perfect.The whole purpose was fulfilled as I only went to cochin to find out how educated the people of cochin are. I went to a lot of tourist spots and I enjoyed my stay a lot there.

I loved this place because it was very economical feasible and I loved my stay here because I was introduced with amazing staff who were very generous. And the icing on the cake was I was provided with breakfast lunch and dinner which saved a lot of money and time for me. :)