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Goa Airport

G Swapnil
Last day our taxi was to leave at 10 am so we can reach the airport by 11:30. So pretty much we did everything at ease and kept the itinerary entirely empty. Alternatively, we could've hired a bike to Aguda fort but perhaps next time. You know, we leave behind a few good things in the hope to meet again. With that our three days stay in Goa came to an end.PS: We just got some cashew from the airport to bring home. A few keychains and fridge magnets from Mario just to serve us a memory of the time we spent.Here's a list of what we've missed during the journey: Aguda fort, Vagator Beach, Miminar Market, Saturday Night Market, Anjuna Market (because it's on every Wednesday) and Temple. Perhaps one more day or even better - next visit.
Ishita Ralhan
Food was the highlight of our trip. So, if you are a traveller who is junket at the same time, then I am sure you will get a lot of inspiration from our experience. I had an amazing time hogging over food, sight seeing and chilling at the beaches.
Abhishta Kumar
We landed in Goa airport on a Friday evening. Soon after collecting our baggage, we headed towards the Vasco da Gama area of Goa, where were supposed to pick up our rental car.
Debadrita Basak
I was so sad while leaving this place. But that was not enough I guess. So, Air India made me more sad by serving their Veg meal where there were a slice of bread with a slice of tomato and cucumber and a sachet of Tomato ketchup.I tried to cheer myself up and made some design upon it and ended my Solo trip To Goa.And I think I should thank each and everyone without whom this trip wouldn't have happened. Firstly, my Boss : if he wouldn't grant my leave, it was just next to impossible. My colleagues, who managed my part of work in office during my absence. And obviously all my Travel Partners : starting from Airport Authority India to the hotels where I stayed (OYO Townhouse 031 and Arabian Sea Sand Resort) and my Chauffeur. Now if you are thinking that I would say thank to my parents, you are wrong. Actually my parents have grown me up this way only so that their elder daughter can live her life the way she want.This is me, signing off here. Thank you for reading.Please feel free to comment in the comment box for any suggestion or feedback.
Nikhita Biswas
So, we landed in Goa at 2:05 pm and our driver was already waiting at the pick up location. We soon headed towards Gokarna but we first had to take care of our hunger pangs. So, we asked Manju Bhaiya to stop over a good restaurant. His next question was - "Non veg. or Veg?" and in unison and my friend and I responded - "Non-Veg. of course, koi doubt matt rakhna manju bhaiya." So, yes the next thing I'm about to tell you guys will sound a little strange but then some people really know how to maintain a work-life balance. So, it was 3pm on a Saturday, this is the usual lunch hour in Delhi, isn't it? But in Goa every other small cafe or local restaurant was closed except 2 main big restaurants. Though we had to skip those since they were not serving Non-Veg food. Finally, we found a dhabba that served local non-veg food. We decided not to waste any more time and headed straight towards it. We were stuck between pomfret fish and Kalamari fish. So, the question which solved our problem was - "Which has lesser bones?" We went ahead with Kalamari Fish, 2 plates of chicken fried rice and to add fizz, we ordered some Pepsi. The food was delicious and finger licking good plus our total stood at Rs 550/-. We then asked Manju bhaiya to stop over at a 'Theka'. It was actually difficult to make him understand what a 'Theka' meant but finally, we were successful. So, guys when you go to Gokarna, ask for an alcohol shop and not theka. :P