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15 Days
Along the coastline of Goa on two wheels

I live in Bombay but Goa is my native place, so one would easily think I have seen it from corner...

Samantha Mascarenhas
4 Days
Goa- A rain-drenched backpacking trip

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Manish Menon

Three weeks back, I finally got a chance to visit Goa for the first time in my life. Since I had ...

Keyur Seta
7 Days

#TripotoTakeMeToBrahmatalOk, so you young, wild and free! You are going to Goa and thinking that ...

Hardik Nagda
21 Days
A Guide to Goa - The Land of Allowances

"A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking" - Earl Wilson. ...

Gunjan Upreti
5 Days
Goa - First I started solo.....

#Goa-love#SwipeRightToTravelGoa is in everyone's bucket list, everyone wants to travel Goa at lea...


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About Margao

My first challenge the moment I got out of the train station was to find this tree house. It's called Saraya and since it's way out of the popular zones of Goa, no one knew where it was. We got into a taxi who offered to help us find the place. When we got to Sangolda and onto Chogm Road, we circled around the location provided by Google for Saraya at least half a dozen times. It was 8 in the morning and the phones at Saraya were ringing continuously with no one in sight. It was at this point that my friend - who was lazily looking out of the window - said, "heeey, what's that weird calligraphy writing?"After a hard long look, we read it out loud: SARAYA. Annoyed by the fact that we had passed the place the entire time and somewhat relieved that we had finally found it, we got our bags out, paid the cab, and walked to the front gate. Saraya has a cafe out at the entrance followed by a bridge that leads to an art gallery of sorts, and then a kitchen, and that's it. One has to walk outside the main building and past the garden area hidden away from view to get to the huts, and this was a beautiful walk!

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