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Goa International Airport

Awara Diaries
If you really need convincing about taking that Goa trip, here are a few reasons that you must strongly consider.1. CultureThe first reason unlike what many would credit Goa for is the evolved Goan culture over the years. Goa used to be a Portuguese colony in the pre-independence era. Over the years, the state was freed but the culture stayed and more and more tourists flocked around this beach destination from across the country and across the globe. The beauty of Goa is its very culture, an amalgamation of the various cultures that have come along with the people and the strong sense of culture that still presides with the locals through their lifestyle, food, language, and habits.In Goa, you are unlikely to ever feel alienated. There’s always a little bit that you can relate to, making it an instant favorite from the moment you step your foot in Goa.
Dharvi Dogra
|| Goa International Airport, Dabolim, Goa ||00:00It started with a turbulent flight. No, it started with an internal fight. But let me tell you where it didn't start from. It didn't start from the cockpit announcement by the pilot wishing me birthday unlike the ones on seats 26A and 3B. It started from getting a year older midair.12:10Landed 10 minutes early to find out that my connecting train, according to IST, was late by 1 hour 40 minutes (of course!).Stood there. Decided to leave early. Grabbed my luggage. Booked a cab via @goamilesofficial and embarked upon a night of (mis)adventures.01:22Reached the Madgaon Railway Station. Being familiar with station gave me confidence about having my shit together. But alas! I wish I knew how wrong I was.02:15After 45 minutes of walking up and down the platform on the phone (that exploded with messages and calls of people who I have not heard from over a year) to hunt for a place to rest my ass, a kind man came to rescue. Gave up his bed/seat for my exhausted soul and an opportunist couple. We looked like a small happy family fitting perfectly on a bench.02:30Brain starts shutting down. Drifting away slowly in the arms of sleep I got hit by the thought of being miles away from home all alone. Bought my first cup of tea and browsed through all the wishes. Realized that the kind man has now turned into a peeper, but let it be because I am a regular Delhi Metro traveller.03:00By the devil’s hour, the not-so-subtle peeping turned into a slightly awkward smile and a conversation. Realizing that now is the perfect time for a pee break, I bid him farewell hoping not to see him again and went in search of a washroom.03:15Found the washroom and a ladies waiting area. Feeling blessed, I put my phone on charging and was just about to settle down when I saw the kind-peeping man sitting right in front of the gate waiting for me to come out. I could almost picture the devil horns and tail popping out of him when he stood there and smiled at me and that was beginning of my horror.
Vinayak Verma
After freshening up, we immediately sat in Cab and headed directly towards Vasco Da Gama Airport. See, now here I was having mixed emotions, can't believe that it was last moments in Goa and also at the same time excited to go home. Well, we reached Airport before time because one of our friend was having flight to Bangalore at arounf 11 PM and we two were having flight at around 1 AM.
Rohit Manchanda
Delhi - Goa direct morning flight by Spice JetThe very charming airhostesses in newly designed uniforms introduced very recently welcomed us. Flight took 2.5 hrs. And was bang on time, and what really surprised me was their large selection of items on the menu. Though most of the items are only available with a pre order, but next time I am definitely not eating on the airport if I fly with Spice Jet.Goa Airport has been swanked up and has become really clean and organized. With the ever-increasing tourist it was much required. Totally loved it.
Nomad Travels
Arrive into Goa. You will be met on arrival and transferred to your resort hotel.