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The next stop was Rock Garden, created by the diverting flow of natural hill streams. It comprises of rocks strewn across natural streams of water and lush green surroundings overlooking the magnificent mountains and pristine air. Rock Gardens provides for a calm, peaceful and relaxing spot away from the hustle and bustle of the otherwise busy Dalhousie town.After an extremely exhausting and mind blowing day I retired in my room pretty early.The next day I got up leisurely enjoying the day sipping hot tea with a marvelous view and a reminder that I actually visited this place! I had reserved this day to explore Dalhousie. The tiny tinsel town Dalhousie boasts of old world charm, mesmerizing natural landscape, pine-clad valleys, magnificent misty mountains and some of the most spectacular views. The air smells of the Scottish and Victorian architecture and the ambience is reminder of the pristine British flavors. I had read somewhere that if you love walking then you can explore the entire town with your two feet – so why not try it out!Subhash Chowk – It’s a small market area with number of eating joints, a statue of Subhash Chandra Bose at one end, scintillating view, walking trail and St. Francis Church at another end. I took around 15 mins from bus stand to reach Subhash Chowk. You can enjoy the valley view, walk across the trail or have cuppa of coffee.I was enticed by the beauty and magnificence of St. Francis Church. The architectural style of the church bears the old British type of architecture. The magnificent stone works and the glass designs were charming. There are stairs after you enter through the main gate to reach the Church, where you can find small keeps for rabbits and some birds; there is a beautiful garden surrounding the church and also there are these glass designs with the message and stories of Jesus Christ that just pulls you! As I entered the church, I was captivated by the serenity and the divinity of the place. I sat there for quite a while and offered my prayers – how one place can calm your soul!Gandhi Chowk is the main market area that houses number of hotels, eateries, restaurants and shops; central to Dalhousie. The mall road and Tibetan market are very famous for shopping here. If you wish to eat then do try Dalhousie Café and Kwality Restaurant which is one of the oldest restaurants here that offers lip smacking delicacies.Garam Sadak is considered to be one of the best spots for walks in the arms of the nature of Dalhousie. This road is one of the criss-cross roads that connect Gandhi and Subhash chowk. The road has derived its name because of its warm and snug temperature as it receives direct sunshine. The signboards near the road holds an interesting caption that reads ‘walking is the trend in the knolls’
Shilpa Shashidhar
1. Chamera lake and Dam: We stopped by this place on our drive to Chamba from Dalhousie. Serendipitously encountered this roadside dhaba with stunning views of the Chamera lake. If I can recollect the name right, it was called Pir Panjal Dhaba. Look at that color of Chamera lake. So beautiful!
Saransh Gupta
We enjoyed the splendid views of river Ravi through Chamera Lake. Its famous for boating - (350/person/30 mins, steamer boat)(450/person/8 mins, speed boat) Since we wanted to capture lots of photos + enjoy longer time, we took the first option. Its fantabulous journey between the moutains + cold winds added to the flavour. We enjoyed the maggi before leaving from there. One can spend 1.5 hours of quality time here, parking remains free. (Do opposite of what most people usually plan, visit this place in morning around 10-11 am rather than evening, )
Neha Manavi
We didn't go much closer to see this lake but we were able to see it on our way from Dalhousie .Midst of the dense pine and deodhar this lake does give you a scenic view.Subhash Bowli-This is a popular spot named after Subhash Chandra bhose. The spring water over here is considered to be medicated. It is believed that Subhash Chandra bose rested over here for several months to cure his illness.