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Dainkund Peak

Dainkund Peak is located in Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh. It is situated at an elevation of 2751 metres above the sea level. This lush green peak is popular among trekkers due to its scenic trail and gorgeous vistas. The view of the beautiful Khajjiar Lake from the top of Dainkund also makes the trek worthwhile. Dainkund trek falls under the category of easy to moderate. It is a one-day trek that is 4.5 km long. Deodar forest and gurgling streams surround the trail that leads to the peak. The trek starts from a village called Alha which is at a distance of 6 km from Dalhousie. Buses and taxis are available to reach Dalhousie. Frequent buses from Kashmere Gate ISBT leave for Pathankot from where you can find transportation to reach Dalhousie. Best season to visit Dalhousie is during the Summers. No accommodation option is available at Dainkund but plenty of hotels can be found in Dalhousie.
Saikat Chowdhury
Dainkund Peak:The best part about this place is the 1.5 KM trek to the peak. You will be amazed by the surrounding views at every step. The best time to visit this place is in the morning. If you are not interested in trekking ( like me ), you can just take a walk and indulge in the serenity of nature. This place gives you immense peace! Some things to remember, there is scarcity of water,food and washrooms. Its always advisable to carry at least a litre of water. Also, on the way, you can find an uncle selling hot maggi. You can take from him. Though the price is high ( 50rs per plate ), still it would feel nice and this would help him a little as well.
Akshay Sharma
The third and final day was one of the best of the trip. I had planned for Khajjiar and Dainkund Trek . So booked a cab from the hostel itself and started my journey with a fellow solo traveller . She apparently was also from Mumbai(What are the odds!). So we mutually in the way decided to skip Khajjiar Because as per the driver we would be late by the time we'll be back since i had a bus to catch at 6pm. The thing with Dainkund is that it's famous for its beautiful sunsets but as luck would have it, that day it was too cloudy.Sigh! Dainkund literally means Dayan ka kund( Witches' pond) and it has a Kali maa (Maa Pohlani)temple at the top with beautiful surroundings. It is the highest peak in Dalhousie. Near the temple, there's a guy with a telescope. Do check out Mount Kailash and other peaks at mere cost of 20 bucks.The trek was awesome along the way, its moderate only. And totally worth it to get lost in that beautiful sunset.
Nancy Johri
Located at an altitude of 2755 metres, Dainkund is the highest peak in Dalhousie. It is popularly known as ‘singing hills’ as calm breeze blowing through the woods creates musical serenade. The trek begins from the Alha village which offers a photogenic enticing view of mountains and forests. The trek is an easy to moderate level of difficulty, 4.5 kms long divided into 3 distinct sections – concrete stairs, climb through the forest and walk along the ridge.The hike entices you with the snow clad mountains, lush green fir and deodar trees, and spectacular ridge. One of the things I really loved apart from the enticing nature was the thoughtful idea of keeping several benches and gazebos on the way to the peak, which is really needed for people to rest between the walk or maybe to enjoy the view.Honestly I am not much of a fan of stairs and I saw few people going back just because of it. I would suggest to actually go for it because the whole way to the top and view from the temple is worth the efforts.While I was hopping my way up there was a family following me who actually went back after the ridge. One of the women was very surprised to see that I was going alone and that too for the first time without any guidance – up till now I didn’t even think about it; but hearing someone say this made me smile and more determined. It is believed that Dainkund (Dain = witch, kund = lake) was an abode for a powerful witch.
Shashwat Sangal
No, I wasn't procrastinating here and I feel there is no space for travel in the To-Do list of Procrastination. Therefore, we jumped off from our comfort zone and landed ourselves to an amazing view, which is popularly known as Daikund Peak. It is 15 kms from Gandhi Chowk and can be easily covered by a cab. But one has to trek for 2.5 kms in order to reach the peak. The journey towards the peak is full of adventure with picturesque landscapes and innumerable stories about this hidden gem.Pro tip - Try to trek early morning/evening and witness the magical sunrise/sunset from the peak.