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Dainkund Peak

Dainkund Peak is located in Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh. It is situated at an elevation of 2751 metres above the sea level. This lush green peak is popular among trekkers due to its scenic trail and gorgeous vistas. The view of the beautiful Khajjiar Lake from the top of Dainkund also makes the trek worthwhile. Dainkund trek falls under the category of easy to moderate. It is a one-day trek that is 4.5 km long. Deodar forest and gurgling streams surround the trail that leads to the peak. The trek starts from a village called Alha which is at a distance of 6 km from Dalhousie. Buses and taxis are available to reach Dalhousie. Frequent buses from Kashmere Gate ISBT leave for Pathankot from where you can find transportation to reach Dalhousie. Best season to visit Dalhousie is during the Summers. No accommodation option is available at Dainkund but plenty of hotels can be found in Dalhousie.
Started trekking toward kalatop sanctuary and dainkund highest peak in Dalhousie.
Surbhi Somani
It is located at the altitude of 2755m above sea level, which gives the view of idyllic mountains and green forest.
DAIKUND PEAKStart your day with visiting Dainkund peak. Located near an air-force base, this is the most uplifting spot around Dalhousie. Dainkund is around 12 km from Dalhousie.If you hire a taxi, you need to park it at the air-force base, from which a scenic walk of 1.5 km leads to Jai Pohlani Mata Temple. The views up there are stunning.Pro Tip: If choose to do not take a cab, you can trek to reach Dainkund peak. The trek isn't difficult. Usually, the starting point of the trek is Alha (6km from Dalhousie). The trekking trail is about 4.5 km that takes you to through lush green forest and with some spectacular sights to witness.Return from the trek and spend some time in local sightseeing.ST. FRANCIS CHURCH (Churches and Cathedrals) St Francis Church is a catholic church built during the Colonial rule in India. This is a renowned church in Dalhousie. Located at Subhash road, this church commands a beautiful view of the surrounding hills. The church is built in 1894 and is built in British architectural style.While you are at Subhash road, take a stroll at this chowk and the enjoy views.ST. JOHN CHURCH (Churches and Cathedrals)
Bibek Chaudhuri
There is an Airforce Base station in Daikund & filming of the base(even that direction) is strictly prohibited (u are also monitored). As Indian citizens be responsible, lets not help our neighbours. If you are a foreigner then be extra careful else you will be prosecuted under federal laws...
Vaibhav Choudhary
Today, firstly we explored Kalatop and did some photographic sessions. And then we headed towards "Dian Kund" which is a 7KMs drive. Dian kund has a small 2KMs trek. And one can reach it easily. "Dian kund" itself is a historical place wherein Goddess Kali incarnated in small girl and fought with demons. And then later, goddess appeared in one of the local people's dream and stated that, this place is safe and free from evil spirits. You can easily travel from this peak by making a small temple. And from there on, many visitors and the people who had faith in Goddess Kali came here and took the blessings.One can also enjoy the mighty "Manimahesh Kailash" peak view from here.After some more photographic sessions, we headed towards back to our hotel in Kalatop. (where we were again blessed with one more amazing Sunset)