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Dainkund Peak

Jekin Makwana
As we were only two of us, transport via cab was getting expensive for us but when you are at a place like Zostel, things get easier to manage. Our escape planner, Mr Ronit, could convince a group of 4 friends to accompany us on our trek and that day costed us only 800 rs including transport and lunch.I woke up at 7 at had clouds waitings for me at the balcony. Once my friend got up and got fresh, we decided to have our breakfast at a cafe nearby, called Magic tree cafe. A place with good music, good food, a Bob Markey style ambience and a breathtaking view.We had some coffee and sandwiches and paranthas to be ready for the trek. We had lots of time to enjoy our meal as guys joining us for trek were a bit late.As soon as we were done we got a call from Ronit and we headed towards Dainkund. The plan was to start treking towards Dainkund and move towards Jot (Gadar movie point) and there we had our cab waiting for us to take us to Khajjiar. There is a Pholani Devi temple at the peak, who is said to have come to save the villagers from Dain (Witch).The complete trek was really beautiful and not too difficult, even for beginners. We had a guy with us completing it wearing flip-flops.Adding some pictures of the same.On coming back from the trek, we had some coffee and breakfast at Zostel while playing carrom. We invited two girls, Divya and Aditi, who had just checked in to Zostel to join us for the game and it was fun. We spent some time playing games in common area, chatting with people. Stay at Zostel being our first experience, seemed like being in a different world altogether. Everyone here was friendly, happy, ready to help and sharing their travel experiences. We also wanted to try bonfire but we couldn't as rains made the wood moist. We did some more chit chats, planned for the next day and played some more games before retiring for the day.
3. Dainkund
Neha Manavi
15 mins small hike from where you can view panoramic view of Pir Panjal range. There is a small temple of Pholani Devi where the hike ends, you can take darshan and come back. You can also view Kailash ranges over there. I felt that as a perfect place to spend time with your family and friends at the top of the hill with breathtaking view.
Chetali Dh
DAINKUND PEAKNOW THAT'S WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT "MOUNTAIN CHARM".Dainkund Trek starts from"Alha Village", just 15 mins ride from our hotel. It's a trekking (almost took 2 hrs), leading to "Pohlani Mata Devi Temple" at the top of the peak; as an old saying in ancient days Mata(Goddess) protecting the entire valley from 'Witches'.
At a distance of 17 km from Dalhousie Bus Stand, Dainkund Peak, perched at an altitude of 2755 m, is the highest mountain peak in Dalhousie. This is the most important peak and also a very popular place to visit in Dalhousie…Know More: Day Hiking to Diankund Peak 2: Khajjiar (Near Dalhousie)
A drive, a walk and a breathtaking view! Yes this is the route to Dainkund Peak, Dalhousie. Being the highest mountain peak in the region, it offers a complete 360° view of the entire valley. So fasten your seat belts and be prepared for an amazing experience hidden in the lap of the mighty Himalayas. The road enroute the peak is embellished with flowers on both sides that are a treat to the eyes. One has to put on one's walking-shoes to cover a good 30-40 minutes on foot to reach atop the peak. As you make your way through the valley, the wild daisy blossoms and fluttering butterflies will simply take your breath away. The tiring and difficult trek is wonderfully soothed by the mesmerising valley-views. If you are lucky, then you could catch a glimpse of the Kailash Mountain on a clear day. The top of the Dainkund Peak is home to the Pholani Devi Temple which houses nothing more than a trident. One can hear the pleasant breeze blowing through the trees creating a musical serenade.
Chetali Dh
Dainkund Peak -NOW THAT'S WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT "MOUNTAIN CHARM". We reached Dainkund Peak by 10:30 am , just 15 mins ride from our hotel. ; as an old saying in ancient days Mata(Goddess) protecting the entire valley from witches.It's a trekking (almost took 2 hrs), leading to Pohlani Mata Devi temple at the top of the peak Dainkund Peak known to be highest peak in Dalhousie. Its best place to view the entire valley, if lucky one can view Khajjiar toooo from the peak ; though the day we visited it was quite a fogging day. Trekking started with quite a number of steps making our heart beats faster, but all our efforts paid off. As we were approaching the peak to the temple the weather became cold; we could actually see the fog moving from down to up to the hill, making the temple disappeared in fog. Did the darshan(Worshiped Goddess) and climbed to the peak for more surprises............... :) I wish I had more time in hand to praise this endless and timeless beauty.One is left with this beautiful smile................. a beautiful memory :)