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Dawki River

Situated on the India- Bangladesh Border this is a small town in the lap of the Jaintia Hills. Another place of immense natural beauty in Meghalaya, this is known mainly as a coal exporter to Bangladesh and also places of India. The main attraction here apart from the extreme natural beauty and peace is the Dawki Bridge. It is a suspension bridge over the Umngot River and also serves as a place from where all tourists can enjoy some spectacular panoramic views.
Dawki:- Dawki is a town in West Jaintia Hills district, Meghalaya, India.I reached Umngot River for botting and the experience was amazing. It's not an old or well-known tourist spot nowadays it’s getting famous rapidly.The transparent and clear crystal water makes it unique a delightful boat ride in the lake that make it a perfect day trip for the entire family.Lake is divided by Indo-Bangladesh borderYou have to book a boat ride to experience the beauty of this lake. You can experience Best view is from top of the suspension bridge over the Umngot River how boats look like from the top, you can notice that boats are not moving but in real time they moving into the river.Boat riding INR 500 to INR 750 per boat, depending on the season
Next we headed to Dawki lake, again the journey was heated journey, too much sun, literally sticky and sweaty. The lake wasn't crystal clear due to recent rains but it was a good view, I took a boating for 1000 Rs for 45 mins. Peaceful and nice view of the greenery and scenery all around, he dropped at a island, sat there for a while and headed back to starting point. We also passed through the Bangladesh lake and it's just few metres away.
Neeti Chopra
The streaming sunlight and some insistent rooster crowing roused us from sleep. The river, also known as Dawki, looked inviting and deliciously cool on a sunny day. Not wanting to waste any time, we headed towards the suspension bridge hanging over the river. The bridge would sway dangerously if too many people got on at once. Grab onto the rickety sides of the bridge and peer down to watch the river sparkle under the sun.On a perfect day like this, a boat ride was in order. We found a boatman who promised us both breakfast and a boat ride. After tucking away several rotis and omelettes, we stepped into the boat and soon were gliding along effortlessly.
Abhishek Tyagi
We reached Dawki River parking area around Noon. We were informed that the area marked India-Bangladesh border, and the boating point was around half km further down. A piece of advice, please do not take your vehicle beyond the parking area, else it will get stuck due to constant traffic of trucks carrying goods from Bangladesh to India and vice-versa, and the road is quite narrow.Once we descended to the area where boating starts, we decided to take a separate boat to go around the river for around an hour. We sat in the boat (manually rowed by a person) and started moving, and the view of water with rock cliffs surrounding us was very tranquilizing. Since this river flows across the 2 countries, being on the India side, we were able to see the other side of the shore (around 200 mts. away), Bangladesh. The best thing about sailing in a boat is that when you reach in the middle of water, the quietness is intoxicating- You don't want to go beyond, you don't want to come back from where you started- You just want to be exactly there!
Akshansh Singh
If you really want to enjoy this place take a boat of course after bargaining or you can share it with any person, just make sure that the other person is ready to stay on the other side for a while, and then go there and swim. Trust me that is one place where you can actually stay for hours. Actually you can, one can camp there for Rs. 2,500 for one entire night, and you can do cliff jumping as well for Rs. 500 not cliff actually but a big rock. So we took a boat for Rs. 500, went on to the other side and stayed there for like one hour or so and then we came back. But the fun part began after this when right after we crossed the Dawki Bridge to head back to Shillong we got stuck in a Traffic jam, and after almost two hours we were able to move out of that place, so this is a free advice if you are going to Dawki only for the river then make sure you are on a bike and you park it before crossing Dawki bridge. But everything has it's own fun and adventure. We then head back to Shillong where we still have to go to one spot The Elephant Falls.