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Rachael Pereira
From its exotic aquatic life to classy restaurants , Atlantis has something in store for every guest.If you're looking for an extravagant, luxurious, glamorous, fun-filled vacation or staycation then you should choose Atlantis with a second thought.So what can you expect when you visit The Atlantis?
Then we drove through Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis. This is a man made island in Palm shape, where residential properties were built on each of its leaves. Every property/villa is connected to a private beach. Mostly it is acquired by Britishers. The whole island is built by Nakheel group of builders. Hats off to their idea.
Sushma Neeraj
After visiting this giant aquarium, we roamed inside Atlantis and had some refreshments in one of the restaurant. Later, we came out and walked on the sea shore of Persian Gulf. Beyond Atlantis, there is no land and is fully covered by Persian Gulf. So, this acts as a Gateway entry point to Dubai for sailors. As the weather was so cool and breezy, it was so romantic to walk on the seashore. ???? and clicked lots of pics too.
Harsh Mundra
It's the final day in Dubai. Wake up for a delicious breakfast buffet & enjoy some time exploring the resort. Head to Sealion Point to see the creatures upfront & also the Dolphin Bay. Can also go for a quick swim in the cascading pool. Do not tear the wrist band till you exit the property as this is your gateway to all the facilities.
Harsh Mundra
In the evening we headed to The Lost Chambers. It's an in house aquarium & the access is complimentary to all the gusts staying at the resort. Dinner @ Kaleidoscope which surprised us the range of Indian cuisine it offered.