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Dubai International Airport - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Yes, we landed in Dubai at 12.15pm local time. Everything was new and big to me. Even the airport is very huge. From our landing terminal, we came to a different terminal by internal metro for immigration and to collect our baggage as well. Here, we spent endless time to get through immigration. We had booked this tour through MakemyTrip and their representative was waiting for us to pickup from airport and drop us to our hotel. We collected our baggages and went towards the exit. We saw a placard in our name, holding by an executive from MakemyTrip. We soon got into one of the luxury car and drove through. The very first surprise was the weather. It was cloudy, breezy, soothing. But that was winter season in Dubai, we did see some drizzling during our trip. I was surprised to see the sides of the road in Dubai are decorated with small plants & flowers which adds to the beauty of the city. The distance from airport to hotel was just 4km and we could reach in 10mins.
Mahima Agarwal
Keep a towel and some toiletries handy if you wish to take a free shower at the world's busiest airport. The complimentary facility is available at Terminal 3 between gates C18 and C22; B13 and B19; A1 and A24.
Harsh Mundra
Time to board the flight & get back to the usual life. Dubai you were an excellent host & we are departing with lot of memories to cherish forever. Till next time...
Harsh Mundra
We flew Emirates & it was a comfortable journey. The line at immigration in Dubai though was too long & took us about an hour to clear. But we managed to get out by late noon & so had time to start exploring.
Karim S A
Will there be tears of happiness rolling down our cheeks, or will we hug each other so tightly, that our protruding stomachs deflate from fat to flat. Will we go crazy on this great grand reunion and what will our families think looking at our craziness? How, all along the road from the Airport to his house, we will fill the Dubai air with the fragrance of our memories. I was least interested to see what Dubai has to offer, because it already has, what i treasure most, my Best Friend, RK! The Kohinoor diamond, though of India, is now housed in the United Kingdom. Like wise, RK is the Kohinoor of India, housed in Dubai.If I see him, that's enough.But, having reached Dubai, do you think RK will see me off, without showing Dubai?What plans will he be making? What places will he be showing? What will I eat, and where? Questions after questions, starting spluttering like popcorn in the machine.Malls are overcrowded and maniac and these days every city in every country is mushroomed with innumerable malls and they are all the same with branded stores and junk eateries.But of all the things, I would prefer to experience the Desert Safari in Dubai. Nature has always fascinated me, be it the mountains, the valleys, the rivers, the sea, the snow and the desert.