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Dubai International Airport - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Karim S A
Will there be tears of happiness rolling down our cheeks, or will we hug each other so tightly, that our protruding stomachs deflate from fat to flat. Will we go crazy on this great grand reunion and what will our families think looking at our craziness? How, all along the road from the Airport to his house, we will fill the Dubai air with the fragrance of our memories. I was least interested to see what Dubai has to offer, because it already has, what i treasure most, my Best Friend, RK! The Kohinoor diamond, though of India, is now housed in the United Kingdom. Like wise, RK is the Kohinoor of India, housed in Dubai.If I see him, that's enough.But, having reached Dubai, do you think RK will see me off, without showing Dubai?What plans will he be making? What places will he be showing? What will I eat, and where? Questions after questions, starting spluttering like popcorn in the machine.Malls are overcrowded and maniac and these days every city in every country is mushroomed with innumerable malls and they are all the same with branded stores and junk eateries.But of all the things, I would prefer to experience the Desert Safari in Dubai. Nature has always fascinated me, be it the mountains, the valleys, the rivers, the sea, the snow and the desert.
Shaili Gupta
DUBAI - The first point of attraction was the Dubai International Airport. The world's sixth-busiest airport, where millions of passengers visit per year. To get the luggage we had to travel in a metro to reach the immigration and collect them. After a bit of struggle, got our cab driver who took us to the parking area. Trust me, Dubai has got everything that a person envisions. We had the cab ready and soon we entered the busiest streets with Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, DC and many grand cars with deadly speedometers. They are't even afraid of driving fast because they have rules that follows to move in a lane and the speed limiter can control the vehicles. Driving at such rapid speed isn't practiced by all. Roads and the skyscraper building startled.
Aditi Jana
Depart from DubaiWith rich memories of your trip to this culturally dynamic land which boasts of rising from isolated deserts to a futuristic city on the world map.
niksi rane
Reached dubai & done shopping mostly chocolates from shops checked out while going & went back to flight to Mumbai.That's how Romantic Paris went adventurous for me.......
Poshak Maheshwari
(Trip costed Rs. 1,10,000 from Dubai for two)Day 1 : After weeks of planning, trying to fit in everything in a tight schedule, a foggy morning and flight delay may not have been the best way to start this bucket list trip. But view of Burj Khalifa from the flight did make up for it a bit.
Some of the biggest brands sit comfortably at Dubai T3. Similar to most malls in cities like Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, during the festive season of Ramadan and Eid, the airport transforms into a hotbed of interesting takeaways. You can fly out of the airport with the keys of a luxury car or better still as a millionaire. If you’re not lucky at the raffles, treat yourself to a handsome deal on gadgets and gizmos at the electronics store. dubaiairports.aeSCHIPHOL AIRPORT, AMSTERDAM
Vibe Across
Day 4: End of the Tour After breakfast we head out for some last minute shopping. The same evening we head back to the Airport and take our flight back home.