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Dubai Mall

Shruthi U B
Dubai MallOne of the largest malls, Dubai Mall has so many shopping outlets, restaurants, and other entertainment options that a day is not enough to complete everything that the mall has to offer. Even if you have nothing to shop here, you could easily spend a day here by admiring the glamorous and the luxurious mall.
Fay Elmi
Dubai has become an almost imperative city to visit in any ambitious travellers' "must-see" catalogue and certainly a one-stop shop for wanderers alike. It doesn't help that the Emirates Airline covers most of the world and uses its home country as a transit point, so at one time or another, almost everyone everywhere will stop in Dubai, and ultimately get allured in by the luxurious gold and futuristic ambiance of the city.It's the very hub of business and pleasure for the world and links the East with West seamlessly. For 72 hours, On the 19th November, 5 friends and I stopped over in Dubai on our way to Thailand and it was the first time I'd been back since 2012 - although then it was only a 15-hour transit with family. Does that even count?I tend to travel for pleasure whenever I can, which admittedly isn't often due to workload and demand (that's changing this year :D), but I was in Dubai to enjoy what the city had to offer and grab a few things for family and friends. We stayed at the 4* Carlton Downtown on Sheikh Zayed Road, Deira in their twin Deluxe Room. I think they upgraded us in all honesty, the room was way too good to be just a Deluxe.Built in 2013, the hotel is home to 357 rooms and suites and whole bunch of extra amenities, including dining and lifestyle venues, spa, fitness centre, tennis court, swimming pool and 23 fully equipped meeting rooms for conferences and events. Preeeeetty cool. Carlton offers a range of entertainment options including Jimmy Wickets Sports Bar & Lounge and Zephyr, the highest AL fresco rooftop lounge in Dubai. We opted for Breakfast included in our stay of course, because honestly, who wants to be looking for places to get decent breakfast first thing when you wake up in the morning.Room 2112 is pretty high up, on the 27 th floor. The room had the most amazing views of the city's skyline and faced onto Sheikh Zayed road. It towers way above the building's opposite, so we got views of the Arabian Gulf in the distance. The room is slap bang in the middle of the suns path throughout the day and meant our rooms were constantly bathed with direct heat from the sun.We, unapologetically and totally unmatched to the rooms below, got to soak up the breath-taking full views of sunrise and sunsets and crystal-clear azure blue skies. The views were fantastic. I'd booked it through a friend who like the Hyatt, had given us dirt cheap discounts on the room and had told them we were VIP, so the room was probably one of the best they had and rightly so, we were.You'd think it would get pretty loud with the longest highway in Dubai so close, but being so high up with triple glazed, solar controlled windows means it's virtually sound proof from the outside world.You don't hear much overhead noise, or horns, or the rush of the constant lengthy traffic that seems to be the cities norm. Check-in was smooth in the grand foyer; the receptionist was this mid height Arab/Iraqi/Moroccan young man, maybe mid 20's but honestly- and I mean this in a total good way - looking like he'd just hit puberty... a very youthful and welcoming smile.He got us checked in swiftly, and Joseph - the Filipino bell boy (or rather, man), greeted us to take our bags up. If you visit, just ask for Joseph really. Like, I'll keep it that simple for you. His knowledge of the city, best places to avoid and the "cool kids' hangout" areas saved us a lot of time, and quite frankly we needed it. He was open, relatable and pretty prompt come to think of it. And he was never too far when we needed him.My room didn't have an iron or ironing board, nor did the shower tap turn when I got in. Called Joseph and in no time, he was tugging away... I could've done it in all honesty, but I wanted to see him work his arm muscles real good. They bulged. A girl can dream ????Our room was ready by 11. No lie, the most spacious hotel rooms I've ever been in. hands down. We were given a whole 42 sqm of land to live on, and as if that wasn't enough, we had a work desk and wardrobes, with at least 5/6 small cabinets dotted around for storage and off-loading, and even a couch. We had enough room in there to fit at least 10 adults with luggage comfortably sleeping on the floor, or if you had a little class, perhaps a solid 5 people comfortably in the space for 2 they'd given us. It was amazing. The interiors combine sleek, modern décor with everyday functionality, highlighted by airy finishes and humongous landscape windows. You know them royal houses you see in movies, where even Peter Crouch couldn't touch the ceilings if he stepped on the bed, this room was the same. The windows are very nearly floor to ceiling, except for a knee-high window seat that overlooks the city. We made good use of this, often spending every waking minute in the rooms perched on here. Whether we were watching the city whizzing beneath us, or having karaoke sessions screaming to our hearts content at the skies or watching the world in silence as night fades into darkness, it served more than its purpose for us.
Kapil Kumar
1. The Dubai Mall : You can reach Dubai mall using Metro lines without any trouble. The best part is you can escape the fireballs of Sun as Metro Station is connected to Dubai Mall with a covered AC tunnel. The Dubai Mall is the largest Mall and you will realizing that earth is round when you start exploring the Mall as you its never ending. You can click your memories in frame.
Akshata S
Pamper yourself with some luxurious retail therapy at the grand Dubai Mall.
Sonal Agarwal
Dubai Mall is huge, it has everything. You name it and you will get it.Burj Khalifa