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Dubai Marina - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

After spending some time there, we went to Dubai Marina as we had booked an evening boat ride from Dubai Marina to Bur Dubai. The cost was AED 54 per person. As we had some time before the boat ride, we went to the nearby beach from where you can see the Dubai eye.
Vandana Goenka
Fay Elmi
If like me, you've done the whole "fly for 6 hours, go to the mall, shop all day, sleep all night, go to the beach" thing and want some heart racing thrill and throat throbbing excitement in your life, listen I'm telling you... This. Is. IT. The crazy that is me, did a long-haul flight... landed and checked in by 11am, changed, and was at the XLINE booth in Dubai Marina Mall by 12.45pm.As we step in, the signs are huge, so we wander around slowly, taking it in.Men sit around in tailored suits, laughing richly over their latest lavish spends. Couples walk hand in hand, and small groups of Chinese tourists stand in the pathway, ignoring everyone having to walk around them. There are white people, black people, Arabs, Asians, Hispanics and Europeans. Women in stilettos and high neck tops strutting along, looking too made up and plastic for so early in the day. Spa after spa, health centres and luxury hammams line the route. Ghost by Ella Henderson plays over the speaker. Is it normal to feel nostalgic already? Certainly feels like an upgraded version of Westfield, without all the Beckys and hoodrats that roam around day and night. Smells like warm melted chocolate, & it feels good... This ain't London for sure.
Neha Kadam
Dubai Marina is at walking distance from JBR. Skyscrapers, fairy lights, yachts and pretty surroundings make this walk picturesque. Go for a lavish dinner on a Yacht/ Dhow or in a restaurant overlooking this beautiful scene, or simply enjoy a delicious budget burger from a food truck along the walk, this place promises a meal with a view.
Sushma Neeraj
It was a cool Friday morning, our 3rd day in Dubai. We had planned to visit my husband's uncle’s family who resided in Jebel Ali area, which was the other side of Dubai . For second half of the day, we had desert safari scheduled. Jebel Ali area was far off, so we decided to go by Metro. But when we reached metro station it came to our notice that ,on every Friday no metro starts before 10am. We were invited for breakfast so we had to be there by 9am, hence we hired a taxi and covered 40km in less than 20min. It was a super fast drive though..!! We had lovely time with their family and uncle took us to a very big Gurudwara which was nearby his place. Later a drive through Dubai Marina and a small visit to Marina Mall.