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Dubai Miracle Garden - Arjan-Dubailand - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

In the other half, visit to Dubai Miracle Garden - a man-made garden in the land of deserts was planed. Name a flower/ plant and they have it.
Shruthi U B
Dubai Miracle GardenDubai Miracle Garden is a miracle indeed. This garden which is open for about six months every year has millions of colorful and pretty flowers arranged in various shapes and formations. It is just beautiful and fairyland like!The tickets can be purchased at the ticket counters for 50 AED. It is recommended to arrive early to avoid crowds.
Neha Kadam
Who had thought world's largest natural flower garden would be in a desert!? This garden is truly a Miracle to house over 50 million flowers and 250 million plants shaping your favourite Disney characters, tall houses, beautiful animals and even a gigantic emirates aeroplane. All around, you see colours and smell the fresh fragrance. Swings, benches and chairs under the canopy of umbrellas, heart shaped arcs and lots of flowers make sure you spend quality time here. This place will surely give you loads to post on your Instagram. Sad thing is, you can visit this place only from October to April.I witnessed the best sunset of my life here when the pink hues perfectly complimented and added to the beauty of this mesmerising garden. The entry fee of AED 50 felt worth it. There is a butterfly garden as well nearby with separate entry fee, since due to shortage of time we couldn't cover it.
Nikita Bansal
Last Day in UAE. We had around 4 hours before our flights scheduled so we kept those hours for Miracle Garden.Usually if you go via any travel company they don't include this garden so its better you ask your agent to add this . This garden operates from October to April and remains closed from June to September .The way they have designed this garden is spectacular,breathtaking so if you are fond of flowers or nature admirer then make sure you add this in trip.This place is photograph paradise,it has got million of flowers which enhance its beauty.So,this is how our trip ended but those 5 days are so memorable ,probably my family will always cherish those moments.
Arushi Agrawal
11. Dubai Miracle GardenWorld's largest natural flower garden open to visitors only from the month of November - April.Nearest metro station: Mall of EmiratesFrom metro station, take the bus route number 105 which will take directly to the garden.