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Gold Souk - D 85 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Manik Gupta
Dubai is known for its gold quality and that too at a comparitively cheaper price. Gold souk is the gold market wherein one will find hundreds of retailers having thousand pieces of variety. One piece to look out for is the Najmat Taiba which is a 63 kg gold ring and holds the record for the heaviest gold ring in the world. This market does not just stops at jewellery but you will correspondingly find attires of gold over here.
The Trunk Travellers
8. Experience Gold being sold like vegetables: When I packed my backpack for this trip to the gold souk, I left a very important thing back, my credit card. Before you get critical, it was a straight choice between continuing the tour to Africa or maxing out the card and head straight back home. If only, the prices in the souk were even remotely comparable to that of a vegetable market. Just stroll around the market, try a few pieces, be in awe of some and come back to your hotel dreaming about the gold paradise ( No buying right! we are on a budget you see :p)
Husein Haveliwala
The souk that gives the city its nickname
Panchami Bekal
Visit the gold and the spice souks : Visit the world famous gold souk of Dubai. The gold souk is situated near the Dubai Creek. The visitors remain astonished at the sight of so much gold. All that glitters is gold in the gold souk. The spice souk is quite near the gold souk. You can smell the place before you see it. The tantalizing aroma of all the spices is amazing. Besides the spices, one can get basmati rice, dry fruits, and various other materials in this souk.