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JBR - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Aakanksha Magan
Secret Circle, at Media One Hotel, is as mysterious as its name. Parties here include local and regional DJs, and the crowd is very eclectic. Rock, EDM, Jazz, all kinds of music plays here and the place has earned a name for being the locals' favourite place to end a weekday.Have you had an unforgettable experience in Dubai? Share your story on Tripoto and help a community of 25 million travellers plan their next great vacation.In association of ezeego1.
Aakanksha Magan
Decibel DxB, in Media One Hotel, is an amazing, low-key club where many new artists perform regularly and some of the more globally known musicians test out their new music. It is known for crazy parties every Thursday.
Aakanksha Magan
An inflatable water park, yes you read that right. The Middle East’s first and biggest inflatable park with the world’s longest and highest inflatable water slide and yacht slides, Dubai Aqua Park is a destination that will get your adrenaline pumping. It can be seen from the sky and is in the shape of the Dubai Logo. Run, jump, and slide over 74 obstacles, challenge your friends and family and just have the time of your life here!Entry fee: AED150/ ₹2,740 for adults, AED120/ ₹2,190 for children. However, if you book a group ticket (for a minimum four people, adults and children), it will cost you AED110/ ₹2,008 per person.Timings: 10am to 6pmShop for gold, spices at textiles at Deira
Aakanksha Magan
Nightclubs are the best way to spend an evening, enjoying yourself. And the best ones usually levy a heavy cover charge to let you even enter. However, there is one, uber cool, ultra-popular nightclub in Dubai where you can enter for free! Chic environment, leather sofas, over-sized lamps and your favourite hits from the 80s and 90s await you at Societe Dubai. This popular nightclub lets you enter for free on Fridays! Now whether you spend money inside or not is your call, but at least you can enter and enjoy the music for free!Where - Societe Dubai, Marina Byblos Hotel, Dubai MarinaTimings - Fridays; 10 pm – 3 am
Jiten Bansal
I have already searched that Dubai is one of the best places to Skydive in Asia. The view you get to see from the Sky is of Palm Jumeirah, The Man Made Island.
There are no words which can explain this experience. It's a feeling. I recommend each one of you to feel it at least once in your life! :):)
Shahzad Siddiqui
6) Skydive Dubai A perfect way to start off Day 2- skydiving. Mind you this has to pre booked in advance. You can see the full skydive story here
Shahzad Siddiqui
The Beach- retail complex constructed on the actual beach in front of the residential complexThe Walk- 1.7-kilometer strip on the ground and plaza levels of the complex lined with restaurants and cafes5) Desert Safari After JBR, head back to your hotel in time for the pick up to your evening desert safari. This activity needs to pre-booked and they will pick you up at your hotel anywhere in the city around 3.30 - 4 pm. There are many tour operators organizing this but I recommend Arabian Nights.After your pick up, you'll be driven into the desert in Land Cruiser- Prado and make a pit stop at a place that has many shops selling snacks, beverages and the traditional Arabian head scarf. Here you'll have the opportunity to ride ATV's or Dune Buggy's in the desert. This is not included in your package and has to be paid for separately (Its quite a stress buster and if you like driving/riding things, I recommend its worth the money).You can watch my Dune Buggy Drive video here.
Since this was our last night in the UAE, we decided to go to the Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) where 40 sandy colored towers light up the marina skyline at night. The sandy shores of Jumeirah beach offer al fresco dining – we chose to sit at ‘Shake Shack’ and this is my personal favorite for the best beef burgers I’ve had till date.We also tried the catch sticks at Catch 22 – you can choose from a variety of them – I liked the Teriyaki Salmon the most.JBR is also known for its stylish boutiques, handicraft shops, community events, supercars and a leisure walk along the waterfront. We noticed the ‘Turkish Ice cream’ stall here that is famous for its vendors playing tricks with the ice cream cone before finally serving it to the customer. People gather around the stall to watch his pranks and make videos that go viral on social media – I’m guilty of one myself :)We were fortunate to be in JBR at 8:30pm as it was time for the fireworks and boy was it amazing! The sky was illuminated with beautiful lights and sparkle – a night full of stars.Lock Stock & Barrel bar was next on our list. A party place that hosts live music bands. This was a perfect place to let your feet tap and groove on their music. A must visit for sure :) After dancing away the night, we were starving so we headed to the famous Lebanese eatery – Zaatar w Zeit. We started with ‘Hummus & Crackers’ which is mashed chickpeas blended with tahini sauce, served with chopped grilled vegetables and toasted multicereal crackers on the side. The ‘Pepperoni Pizza’ was made of beef slices and fresh mushroom with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. Back home in India, I am known to always order Pepperoni which is made of pork but this one with beef was something else. I am definitely going back for more!If you’re here, you should definitely try the ‘Manakeesh’, it is a popular Levantine food which consists of dough topped with thyme, cheese or meat. Very similar to a pizza, it can be sliced or folded. The ‘Turkey and Cheese Wrap’ was my favorite – a classic combination of melted cheese topped with slices of smoked turkey, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo mustard. I had two of those on a full stomach and wished I could pack more for the flight back home…It was almost morning once we had satisfied our food cravings and it was time to go back to the hotel with heavy hearts and so many memories.From rooftop pubs and sizzling beach clubs to fancy cocktail caverns and concerts under the stars, Dubai’s shape-shifting party spectrum caters for just about every taste, budget and age group.If you’re planning a trip to Dubai, I hope this blog is helpful and if you already have been there, do comment below with more suggestions and places we could visit next time we are there.Thanks for stopping by :)This post was originally published on Himadri Negi.