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Jumeirah Beach - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Neha Kadam
Jumeirah beach is apparently the most touristy beach. However when we visited this place on a weekday night, we almost had the whole beach to ourselves! Burj-al-Arab can be seen much closer from here, with all the intricate details clearly visible. The beach didn't have food joints that day, perhaps the scene might be different on a weekend.
The Burj Al Arab - Apparently the world's most expensive Hotel,situated at Jumeriah beach which is the probably only public beach of Dubai where rules are little relaxed for tourists to enjoy :
Jumeriah Mosque -The only Mosque of Dubai which is open to Non-muslims (including women) :
The Trunk Travellers
5. Spend an evening at Jumeirah Beach: With the Burj Al Arab in the background, click a few must-have pictures (proof that you really did visit Dubai), grab hold of a shawarma from a nearby stall and get ready for an evening of introspection.
Husein Haveliwala
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