jumeriah beach park - 2 C Street - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Himani Sahni
To be in Dubai, is to breathe in the air of liveliness. With mostly the young crowd taking the city's energy to another level, at Jumeriah beach, you find everyone having a great time without a worry in the world. The beach is a beautiful man made creation that makes it no less breathtaking than a natural one! The blue clear water of the Arabian sea and the beautiful white sand with a view to blow away your mind, comes with the best combination of food joints and shopping stores, at a minute's distance from the beach. Clean shower rooms and toilets at the beach make it the most convenient trip to a beach ever. If you're in Dubai, this place will soon make its way to your list of favourites and you'll end up spending most of your time by the sea, on the sand,sipping a cold beverage.