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Desert Safari Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

If u have not gone for desert safari in Dubai, ur trip is incomplete. They take you till the camp in the a land rover and the ride itself is very adventurous. You go up and down the sand dunes and there is so much thrill in it. Finally, when u reach the camp, there are various activities like the camel ride, henna tattoo, snacks, clicking pictures in Arabic dress, buffet dinner, riding the desert scooter etc. There is also a traditional dance show where local dancers perform belly dance etc. It is all a very good experience but you have to rush for everything since time is limited and there are many people in the queue. One advice is that you ask before each act, if it is paid or not as many times after you do it, they ask you to pay for it. If you want to click sunset pictures, you must rush for that first, in case you go for the evening slot since sun sets in no time in desert. Also, since desert safari is tiring, you should keep it towards the end of your itinerary.
Day 2: Must do activity in Dubai. Was picked up from my hotel by a travel agency in the afternoon, taken to the desert safari and then later to barbeque dinner in the middle of the desert with performances by Dubai artists with camels all around. A true Arab feel this has!! High point of the day: Enjoying sunset in the middle of the desert surrounded by amazing people and delicious food