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Bloukrans Bridge

Gypsy Couple
There is no better analogy to an act of desperation than jumping off a bridge. It is no surprise then that it is a popular phrase to describe a marriage in a lot of cultures (and joke books). However, the jump we will be talking about is bungee jumping from Bloukrans Bridge, one of the highest bungee points in the world. That the Bloukrans bungee coincided with our honeymoon will remain a story to tell our grandchildren along with the play on the words it represents.
Tropical Owl
Today as our plan we were going to Bloukrans bridge for the world 3rd highest bungy jump. The Bloukrans bungy is 216 Metres high and is organised by a company called Face adrenaline and the jump costs 1350 ZAR/PP (6,914 INR)We asked our hostel reception to book us a cab for the bungy point and guess what, they got us a 100 ZAR discount on Bungy fee, So now we got our bungy jump fee covered for ZAR 1250 (6,406 INR).I was damn excited about this event cause i've been watching videos of this since I planned going to South Africa.Bungy at bloukrans is the best adventure i've had yet.So, before it was my turn to jump there was this Irish guy who came back after jumping and I asked him "Hey, how does it feel?" and he replied very calmly with a smiling face, "It literally feels like you flying" .Now it was my turn, I was Geared up and was taken to this spot from where I've to directly jump down 216 metres free, I felt am gonna faint midway.The count began: 3,2,1, bungy and I jumped towards the best adrenaline push of lifetime one can have, I actually felt like I was flying like a bird.Bungy at Bloukrans is a Must.
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Aditi Sanganeria
The Bundgy Jump (INR 5000 per person) - From the wilderness to the highest adrenaline rush - THE BLOUKRANS BUNDGY should not & CANNOT be missed.Detailed review : At the first look, its a massive structure that scares you to levels that no preparedness can help calm. 216m above sea level, you are going to jump.I was petrified and so full of anxiety that I had not slept the night before.Anyway, I had promised myself to write a review that helps readers take this plunge if I survive mine.This plunge - and mark my words - WILL BE THE MOST LEGENDARY EXPERIENCE OF YOUR LIFE.So, you meet your guide. These guides know all languages. He said Ganpati Bappa Morya (a holy Indian God Call) to me and I was pleasantly surprised! The guides are extremely professional and make you feel safe like you're just jumping off your bed.Once the harness is tied, they walk you through a bridge that connects you to the jump point (which is exact centre of bloukrans bridge). I would suggest you don't look down - anything that adds to your fear right now is not worth it.5 mins of walking gets you to the arcade area - the jump point, which is so full of energy - there is music, dancing and absolutely lovely people.You are given safety instructions and assigned your jump numbers.The adrenaline rush (as well as anxiety) now hits the top gear - your ankles are tied, your given a chest harness too.You put your hands around your guide's shoulders as you jump-trot to the final point.DO NOT LOOK DOWN, DO NOT THINK.Now that you are there, its best to see what lies below you :)I asked the guide - I'll be okay? He said : Jump, leave the rest to me.AND I JUMPED!Calm, beautiful and so silent - you start believing in life.Look down, the water is slowly flowing.Look around, the green lands clap at your bravery.And there comes your guide, you let him latch you on to his rope and he takes you back up.Smile, you are getting clicked. Smile right, it's going to be your craziest picture.And you come back up with the best feeling of accomplishment.One small thing that I wish I knew before I jumped - you might feel the harness is coming off your ankles, but dont worry, it will never come off. And there's always another harness at your chest.You are going to be fine, it's all going to be worth it!GO FOR IT! 3... 2... 1... BUNGEEEEEEE!!!
3. Bloukrans Bridge South AfricaThis is the tallest commercial bridge in the world. The jumpers take off the plunge from the bridge and free fall over 709 feet.