6 Local Things To Do In South Africa

18th Jun 2014
Photo of 6 Local Things To Do In South Africa 1/5 by Cindy Roberts
A cultural Experience In Port Dauphine
Photo of 6 Local Things To Do In South Africa 2/5 by Cindy Roberts
All Aboard MSC Sinfonia
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Freshly caught Oysters at Umhlanga
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Photo of 6 Local Things To Do In South Africa 5/5 by Cindy Roberts
Best Meal in Maputo

Many people see traveling as the act of boarding a plane and flying to a different Continent, we have dedicated 2014 to traveling “local”. South Africa is a spectacular country, sometimes too under rated! We are proud to say we have officially visited all 9 Provinces of South Africa – Gauteng, Freestate, Mpumalanga, Kwazulu Natal, Western Cape, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape, North West and Limpopo. We have also visited Lesotho, Madagascar and Mozambique and have compiled our highlights.

We were blessed to catch this guy coming out from a hard day at sea, collecting Oysters, to crack us a couple. He then ran off to rinse the Oysters with sea water – making the experience so much more authentic – and just our luck he even had Tabasco and Lemon juice, which just completed this magical moment of literally having Oysters on the beach.

Photo of Umhlanga, Durban Metro, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa by Cindy Roberts

We had the opportunity to meet Limbiraza (SORO) our guide for the day, who showed us around town, but what made this different, was the fact that he let us into his home, we met his whole family which consists of his Mom, Dad, 2 Uncles, 2 Aunts, his Wife, 2 kids and his brothers who all stay together, as they believe that having your family together caring for each other is worth more than all the money in the world. Afterwards we spend 4 hours playing, Ringe-Ringe Rosie’s, Under the bumble bush and Rock, Paper, Scissors with the local kids on the beach – priceless! We visited the villages were we gave out more of the stationary. He then took us to his home, walking through narrow paths, where we met his friendly family! SORO told us that they are very blessed to have their whole family living in such close proximity, as family is more important than all the money in the World

Photo of Fort-Dauphin, Toliara, Madagascar by Cindy Roberts

Stellenbosch is a beautiful town nestled in and surrounded by mountains and produces some of South Africa’s best wines. We stayed at the Protea Hotel just outside town, our first morning we woke up, opened up the doors leading to the balcony and was amazed by the most beautiful view!

Photo of Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa by Cindy Roberts

After literally being thrown off the flight – because we didn’t transfer our luggage – we had to spend the night in Maputo, enthusiastic explorers we are, we took Maputo by the horns and found a Fish Market, with fresh Seafood, the kitchen prepared our Crayfish, Prawns and a whole fish with loads of Mozambican love, Which was prominent in the way we cleared the plates!

Photo of Maputo, Maputo City, Mozambique by Cindy Roberts

With 1566 passages, 760 crew members, 12 decks, 2 pools and sunny skies we were stoked to set off to spend 8 days on board the MSC Sinfonia. This Cruise Ship is an amazing holiday resort on the big blue. Be sure to take your motion sickness tablets!!! With the safety drill done on deck 6, we went up to our 11m2 cabin which the four of us shared, safe to say we came back extremely close! Day 3 all of us felt a lot better, we got up early to catch a Zodiac (small 18 seater speed boat) to visit the Portuguese island. We rented an umbrella for the day and the Mozambicans were just too eager to sell us some refreshing R&R (Mozambican Tipi Tinto Rum and Sparleta raspberry) and Rujean enjoyed her favourite beer - 2M “doshem”. The Mozambican waters were warm but refreshing and being surrounded by a school of fish was an amazing experience!! Our trip back to the ship on the Zodiac, offered some entertainment with Sam (a passenger) and his friends who had a little too much R&R on the Island.

Photo of MSC Sinfonia, Madagascar, South Africa by Cindy Roberts

Excited for the festivities ahead, we spent Christmas day on the beaches of Anakoa, Madagascar, where we were blessed to be able to give stationary to the kids and Valentino an Italian teacher on the Island, helped us to distribute it. The day was filled with adventure and exploring, not long and the Zodiacs were speeding us back to the ship where we had a fun night of eating, drinking and dancing with new friends.

Photo of Anakao, Toliara, Madagascar by Cindy Roberts

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