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Akarshan Sapra
This year I went to see one of the most famous craft mela which takes places in Surajkund. See the full video to get a glimpse of things happening there.
Gunj Guglani
Surajkund Mela (Faridabad), We were about to find out if it stands to be the Aisa’s biggest craft fair or not. So it was just one of those days where you jump into something not knowing what it might lead to. The bright sun, air filled with the smell of cooking food and adrenaline rush to capture everything. The whole place was just working together, synchronized, not knowing anyone but still feeling connected. So humans clock is ticking but the clock is ticking faster then it was ever before, we have to go out to experience, to feel the thrills and wonders out there. Here is my little-documented work of the Mela, hope you people like it and If you do share it with your friends and family.
Nitesh Anand Rai
A splash of colors, rhythm of drum beats and joy De-vivre merge at Surajkund in Faridabad, Haryana during the first fortnight of each February. The curtains go up on the acclaimed annual Surajkund International Crafts Mela from 1st February onward, a celebration of Indian folk traditions and cultural heritage.
Abhishek Bhan
Witness the colors of the world at The Surajkund Mela.The Surajkund Mela, held in February every year, greets you with such a psychedelic fusion of colours and sounds, that it seems like the stuff legends are made of.