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The Sphinx

Lindsay Sartoris
The Sphinx was our next stop. I have never would have imagined it with large fences around it, I've always just seen the Sphinx on TV or in photos as it was, nothing surrounding it, but this huge creature statuette, and that was it, but you enter through a door area, and walk around tall pillars of stone in the area where the Sphinx was. What a sight it was. Something I never thought I would see! My mind was just being overwhelmed with astonishing sights all day long.
The Great Sphinx is a large human-headed lion that was carved from a mound of natural rock. It is located in Giza where it guards the front of Khafra's pyramid. The Sphinx, an enigmatic monument usually associated with king Khafre, stands watch near his valley temple. In addition, tombs sprawling to the east and west of Khufu’s pyramid contain the remains of officials, royal relatives and others who had the privilege to be buried there.