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Dudhsagar Falls

It is a waterfall located on the Mandovani river and is one of the tallest waterfalls in India (about 310mts) and is about 60ksm from Panaji and forms the border between Karnataka and Goa and has a rich variety of flora and fauna.
Waterfall No. 5- Dhudhsagar Falls, Goa Everyone loves Goa for its beaches but only some know the mighty falls thats situated in the South East Goa region called Dudhsagar. This waterfall is soo huge and multi layered that it is difficult to capture it completely in one shot. It has a bridge in the middle of the falls that got famous in the movie Chennai Express. Many trekkers get down at the station near this falls and trek their way down to the base of the waterfall. Others drive down normally through the mining fields to reach this place. The water falls with really high force due to the distance and now its not allowed for people to go inside the pond due to safety reasons but once upon a time it was allowed and its really fun. The area around the falls is also very scenic and its amazing to just sit and stare at this might falls.How To Reach - By Train you need to either get down at Madgaon station and go via a hired taxi or you can get down at Kulem and there is 12 KMs trek down to the waterfalls. How Many Days - An overnight journey to this place is enough as there are no places to stay. There is a proper campsite a little far from this place where you can pitch tents. If you are staying in Madgaon then its a 2 hour journey one way. Where To Stay - Either the campsite near the falls or anywhere in Goa and plan a day visit to this place.
Karthik Ramanathan
After Castle Rock station, the train goes through some valleys and small hills. The forest is dense and the journey becomes more eventful as the train goes through 19 tunnels ! After the 11th tunnel, one gets through Dudhsagar falls ! Summer - no water ! The train stops for a minute at the Dudhsagar railway station and few got off to have some time there.
As we reached dudhsagar waterfalls entry point (i.e you have to take the local vehicle to reach the falls ) . It is a one hour drive which takes us through the puddles, streams, bumpy roads.After you reach there you have to walk down 10 minutes which is very beautiful crossing rocks and bridges. The fresh air, the clean water, the railway bridge ,the high falls , the railway bridge and yeah what not to rejuvenate the moment.
Medha Chaurasia
You can put down your shoes, place your belongings at the rock and can have pool like experience. If you are planning to do so, bring an extra pair of clothes. There are public toilets available which you can use for changing. If you are visiting the place in monsoon, jeep safari will be replaced by bike ride.
Vishal Shenoy