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Dudhsagar Falls

It is a waterfall located on the Mandovani river and is one of the tallest waterfalls in India (about 310mts) and is about 60ksm from Panaji and forms the border between Karnataka and Goa and has a rich variety of flora and fauna.
Siva Ilankumaran
Dhudhsagar adorn a beautiful image of itself. Though it is not possible to go near the pool & swim the very sight itself would be enchanting.
Siva Ilankumaran
Definitely does not a best sight in winter or summer but would offer thrilling experience in winter. One could swim in the natural pool, with safety jacket, without fearing anything amidst the fishes and its biting.
omkar nilapwar
On the first day of our trip we decided to go to Surla waterfall. As we hit the road, we took the wrong turn, left instead of right, and ended up Dudhsagar Waterfall. The entry for Dudhsagar was Rs 700, and including over all other activities, we had option to pay 2000. So we decided to skip the boating and explored the spice garden. The entry charge for Spice garden was Rs 400, including lunch, but didn’t include the Elephant Shower. For Elephant shower we had to pay Rs 700. The lunch was delicious, and the Fish Salad was just amazing. After exploring the Spice garden, we came back to our place at night and headed for dinner. After finishing the dinner, when the bill arrived I was completely flabbergasted, the dinner is quite affordable near Calingute Beach.
Jagan Nadar
Day 4:- Dudhsagar FallsToday’s schedule was to visit the dudhsagar falls. This falls remain closed during rainy season. Due to the excessive flow of water it becomes nearly impossible to cross the rivers to reach the foothills of the falls. But you can visit by the railway line. For that you need to walk several kilometers. Which was not possible according to our schedule. So we choose the first option. It was hardly 70km from the place where we were staying. So there was not much extensive ride for the day.So we left and reached there hardly less than 2 hrs. Once we reached there we parked our bikes in pay and park which charged some 10 to 30rs. I had a top box on my bike so all my riding jacket, knee guard and mateens jacket was kept inside it. We handed over our helmets to them. Within minutes i remembered that i forgot to remove the sports cam from the helmet. So went and removed it. It was 12 by then so we thought will have lunch and then proceed. As we were not sure that we will get something to eat ahead. We had a good fish thali. The falls is 9km from the starting point which has to covered on a mahindra bolero. Rent of it is 2800rs per car and they take max 8 person in a car. But we were 2. So we waited for sometime and they gathered 2 more couples. We were allotted a car and the 2800 was divided between 6 people. Also they charge 30rs for the life jacket which is compulsory. The ride began it goes through the forest area and you could only see mahindra bolero. You will have to cross several rivers to reach there. The whole way is scenic going through jungle with occasional river crossings. The lane is a single lane muddy patch. It took 45minutes to cover 9km. Once we reached there the vehicle in which you went will give you some time for you to explore the place. Say around 2 to 2.5 hrs. You will have to walk some 800meters to reach the falls. But you will enjoy those distance and it’s easy to cover. We were still wondering why they said life jacket is compulsory till we reached the falls. When we reached there the view was so stunning. The water from the falls has made a pond beneath it for which we required the life jacket. But unfortunately we didn’t carry any clothes for changing so we couldn’t get into the water which was the sad part. The view is so good that you can spent more than a hour sitting on the rocks. Wanted to click the scene with a train passing by. Within few minutes a train passed so we clicked few picks there. We have to carry water and other snacks and there is no provision there. Only a small store where you get tea and water (only in glass not bottle ) at the place where the vehicle leaves you near the fall. I was happy that for many days i was thinking of being there. It became true. We came back to our car. So it was other 45minutes drive back to the place outside the jungle. We had some snacks and left for the day. By evening we went out to have a good biriyani for dinner. After which had some fruit juice. Mateen wanted to buy some cashews, as we were traveling for another 25 days i didn’t buy one, he brought it. Then we went to a beach where there were no people. Sat down in front of the sea, the waves were rough.A small bridge like way was being constructed there over the sea, upon enquiring they said that there will boating facility for tourist in future from there. It was around 10pm so we left from there. That’s all for the day.
Water sports and beaches were lovely but we aren't done. We've hit the road to absorb the nature, the Goa has to offer. So, we decided to take a trip to Dudhsagar waterfalls. The trip to Dudhsagar waterfalls is composed of 3 parts a road trip, a safari jungle ride and a small trek. Situated approximately 70KMs from North Goa, the road is nothing but beautiful and mostly empty giving you the road trip serenity you'd want. Take a look :)