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Cappadocia Cave Suites

For anyone visiting Turkey, please do not give Cappadocia a miss. Cappadochia is also called "Land of the Beautiful Horses". You need to book a tour with a reliable agent to join a tour group to explore interesting places of interests in Cappadochia. I was on an adventurous trail while exploring the caverns and underground passageways, climbing and witnessing the unique formations of the rocky terrains and enjoying the hiking along the valleys. To check the places I went to in Cappadocia, see this footage vid and photos below:
Tanvi Nadkarni
If you want to see something that you haven't seen before then you definitely have to go to Cappadocia. What does it mean? This city is not made up of cement or tall towers but is instead made of caves which are formed out of volcanic remains. Yes that's right! Also, the popular hot air balloon ride is in this city. Do not miss this at all! Here's how to do cappadocia.
Ruchika Makhija
The beautiful cave room was a surreal experience.