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Next spot is Monks Valley. This breath-taking valley is famous for its having wonderful landscape and the best various collection of fairy chimneys in Cappadocia. With this aspect, it reminds of the people's mind that the fascinating place looks like the museum of fairy chimneys. Also its extraordinary scene creates a metaphysical world by relaxing the spirit of visitors.
Lindsay Sartoris
A magical world is where we are off to on another gorgeous day in Turkey. Located in central Turkey, there is a place, a place with fairy-tale-like rock formations, these formations have been carved over centuries and centuries by erosion, and these days the rocks are called 'fairy chimneys' or hoodoos. Turkey is not the only place in the world with these rock formations, you can also see them in Utah, or South Dakota. But only here in Turkey have the people made the amazing 'fairy chimneys' into homes and churches.