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Gwalior Fort

Monidipa Bose
When to go: Gwalior is best explored during the cooler winter months, or during the monsoons when the place turns a beautiful green. The summers can get pretty harsh here, so best avoidable. The fort will take one whole day to explore, and there are many other monuments to see in the Gwalior city besides the fort, and even outside the city in nearby places, so 2-3 days stay is advisable.For more photos and historical details on Gwalior fort please click here
Monidipa Bose
Monuments inside the Gwalior fortThe main monuments inside the fort premises are Teli Ka- Mandir, Sas Bahu temple, Man Mandir, Badal Mahal, Chaturbhuj temple, Rock-cut Jain tirthankaras, Ganesha gate, Urwai gate, alamgiri gate, the kunds including the jauhar kund, etc. The Manmandir palace built by Raja Mansingh (1486-1516 CE), a well known patron of music and architecture, is considered as the most remarkable example of an early Hindu palace architecture. The extensive eastern facade of the palace which is 300 feet long has six beautiful circular towers with domed cupolas. The palace wall is famous for its inlaid tiles in enamelled yellow, green. and blue colours, that show figures of various animals like ducks, tigers, crocodiles, and elephants, along with different other motifs. The palace interior has two open courtyards that have rooms all around with beautiful ceilings and balustrades in different designs. There are also rooms in the palace basement that were initially used as pleasure chambers, which were converted into prison cells later in the Mughal period
Umang Dave
Brief Itinerary for Fort Photowalk:6:00 am Reach near Killa gate by Auto/vehicles.Small briefing and then start walking towards the Mansingh Palace.6: 15 am Stop at the monument which have the oldest existing Zero.6:30 am Reach at Mansingh Palace. Photography of palace view in morning. Enjoy beautiful sunrise.Interaction and other activities.
The Travellist
Swaying in and around the Gwalior FortA Must- do - I strongly recommend to get down at the Urwai gate of Gwalior Fort and then take a walk to the fort(almost a kilometre road trek) as you would be accompanied by idols of Jain Tirthankaras carved around the hills in different asanas(postures) throughout the climb.