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Gwalior Fort

Smriti Singh
The next stop was Gwalior fort. The fort itself comprises of many tourist attractions. Entering the fort, you have to walk for few minutes to reach the main point which is at a height. You can see the mesmerising beauty of the colorful fort, yet feel disgusted by people ruining it by writing down names. The entry tickets can be even taken online which is around 20/- INR per person.
Nitesh Sinha
I searched the internet before going to Gwalior, however, the information I was found were misleading and confusing. The below monuments that I will mention are all located inside one campus. If you are in Gwalior fort, you can see all the monuments and it would prove a single trip.As you enter the Urwai gate, you come across rock cut statues of Jain teerthankars.
vishesh Malhotra
Himani Rawat
We have places to visit on our list today, as in the evening we have to catch our train back to Delhi. We went to Gwalior Fort first, as it's in the middle of the city and you can view the whole city from top of the fort, Fort is divide into two parts . One part is of Gwalior Fort and the other part consist of Scindhia International School, few temples and Gurudwara.
Gwalior Fort