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I was visiting Gwalior..., Gwalior fort and Saas-bahu... I boarded a train to Gwalior.... Our first stop was at the Gwalior...

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The moment I saw Gwalior... of Gwalior holds a strategic... Gwalior Fort first. Rising 300 feet... of Gwalior was defeated...

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Top Places To Visit 5 Spots

Jai Vilas Palace

The grand Jai Vilas Mahal was established by the then Maharaja of Gwalior, Jayajirao Scindia. The palace has been home to the royal Maratha Scindia family since 1874 and continues to house the descendants of the great founder. It was known that Maharaja Jayajirao was a connoisseur of fine design and furniture, hence the interiors of the palace have been decorated with accessories from all over the world, such as England, Egypt, Japan, China and Italy.
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Hathi Pol

It’s a must visit for shopping. Udaipur is really famous for its local made products like Jutis, Laharia and other bandhej suits. Also, you will find some shops selling Arms and ammunitions. You need to bargain a lot, so the advice is to shop from those places where the price is fixed.
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About Gwalior

If history, art and architecture spell a perfect holiday for you, Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh is definitely a must visit! The city houses numerous historic monuments, including the very popular Gwalior Fort. Gwalior Fort, an imposing structure situated on a hill has received praise from rulers throughout history. Known for its architectural brilliance and intricate design, exploring the fort can take up an entire day. If you are not fond of historical tours, you can spend your time admiring the stunning views of the fort and from the fort. Do also visit Ghaus's Tomb, which is the tomb of Muhammad Ghawth, a notable Sufi and the guru of Tansen. The site is also home to the Samadhi of Tansen and perhaps this is why the wonderful Tansen music festival is celebrated here. There are numerous hotels here and you can choose one according to your budget, though for a more local experience, it is always best to pick a homestay.


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