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Hathi Pol

Himani Sheth
One cannot come back from a trip, any trip without some souvenir. When you are in Rajasthan, these souvenirs would be beautiful handicraft items or those colorful puppets or those beautifully made embroidered torans and pillow covers. I made Hathi Pol my last stop to do some Diwali Shopping. A plethora of colors and some added bling with amazing works of art, trust me, you need more than a day and a full pocket to go shopping in Udaipur. From those beautifully decorated Bamboo Cotton Dresses in Pichola Art to the colorful puppets to beautiful silver jewelry, Hathi Pol is one awesome shopping hub in Udaipur. But, be sure to keep your bargain game strong and make some savings. Udaipur is known for its silver too, a fact I got to know from the locals. So with silver jhumkas, some pretty dress materials and Udaipur’s famous gulkand barfi and cham cham (sweets) in hand, I made my way to the bus station.
Gautam Modi
It’s a must visit for shopping. Udaipur is really famous for its local made products like Jutis, Laharia and other bandhej suits. Also, you will find some shops selling Arms and ammunitions. You need to bargain a lot, so the advice is to shop from those places where the price is fixed.