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Curiosity Cult
On the other end, to explore the contemporary side of Seoul, you can visit the N Seoul Tower, witness the growing popularity K-Pop and K-Drama. I also got a chance to visit Everland which is one of their amusement parks and I must add it is straight out of a fairy tale! It's beautifully designed and makes you heart Happy! Fashion Koreans are absolutely on top of their game when it comes to fashion! You would see most of the people are in place with the current trends and always dressed as per the occasion. There is a very popular trend of matching couple outfits, where couples are usually dressed in the same attire and also match their shoes. You will often spot a different section couple outfits in stores.
Siddhant Vyas
I was extremely excited about the trip to Seoul, as it was the first math competition I was going for. It seems stupid to be so excited but the prospect of a week of so much fun was luring enough.This photo above is the one where we went to this theme-park called Everland and I met some crazy people there. The best part about this trip was meeting people all around the world. I met people from  Egypt, China and Uzbekistan. I still talk to all of them.
Dianne Goh
Day 6: Everland Theme ParkEverland was an extremely peaceful theme park, probably because it was winter, and we went on a week day. It wasn't crowded and we didn't have to wait too long for the rides! It had a good mix of thrilling rides for teenagers and adults, and rides suitable for children. The T-Express is one of their major rides and I was very nervous before the ride as it started with a big drop, but still glad I did it. My favourite ride was the Rolling Xpress, which involves two 360 degree loops. The ride was fast in both speed and duration. My husband thought it was over too soon. Everland has it's own mini safari and you tour on an amphibious vehicle. It was cool seeing all the animals up close, including the adorable giraffes.
Mandy Cheong
I personally prefer Everland to Lotteworld because the rides in Everland are alot more exciting and exotic! There’s discounts for students if I am not wrong and there is a shuttle bus(5002) from Gangnam Station.
Afni Amin
This place looks different in summer! The last time we were here was winter and it had christmas decorations all over the place. Headed to Zootopia first to see my animal friends! Such beautiful place. All the colourful flowers really put you in a better mood. The rotating house really made me scream my head off!